From Student Blogger, Aanchal: Reading- Best Workout for The Mind

From Student Blogger, Aanchal: Reading- Best Workout for The Mind

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Reading is not only an exercise to grasp knowledge and information but is also a dose of relaxation and relieves stress. Researches have proved that reading helps our brain to function in a better way and makes our memory powerful. A lot of people think that reading a book or a novel could be boring or end up in making them fall asleep. But actually, for a growing child especially a student, reading is a greater entertainer than Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix.


We feed our bodies with food and drinks, but we tend to ignore our brain. Our brain works constantly and keeps all our reflexes in action. Our brain also needs to get recharged and replenished. We need to feed our brains with quality knowledge. Books and novels are a great storehouse of hidden information. Not only do they have a story or a plot but they also have some great new words and phrases that could help us in imbibe better writing skills. Feeding our brain with great reading stress relieves increases productivity.


I being an international student have a lot of homework and assignments to deal with. But every night I make sure I go through a nice piece of novel. It might not be an entire book or even an entire chapter. I just read 4-5 pages and I feel great. That’s some relaxing therapy I give to my brain. It works hard all day and is overwhelmed with a lot of things. Reading for me is not only a stress buster but is also a great booster. I take into account the new vocabulary that I come across. I add it to the notes in my phone and try incorporating it into the essays that I am assigned in class. I've enjoyed reading since childhood because I want to know more and more. I never get bored when I am surrounded by books. My current novel is “By the River Piedra, she sat down and wept”. It’s a phenomenal piece by Paulo Coelho.


We gain a lot from reading. Fiction gives you a wide thinking process whereas other spiritual, motivational or historical novels impart you with knowledge. Reading a book can never go waste. Even if you read a newspaper that shall also give you a lot of information about the events happening around you or a magazine could voice out opinions over various issues in addition to other interesting topics. It is a source of knowledgeable data and also a platform to learn new words, phrases, ideas, and even emotions.


Reading has a huge impact on our overall mental health, and this is why we should exhilarate it. There are numerous benefits of reading:

  • Reading is a crucial exercise that helps in increasing mental stimulation and relieves stress. To make our brains stay healthy, awake, agile and strong, we need to practice this exercise on a regular basis. Studies have shown reading a nice spiritual book helps you grasp in positivity and makes you stay tension free. We also understand other’s emotions in a better manner when we experience similar plots in real life.
  • The power of reading generates knowledge and new information. We read in free time and that is the best time for our brain to absorb new information. New words and ideas from books, magazines, and articles act as assets for further writing or conversation. Even as a student for me reading is a great source of knowledge. Reading books by American authors makes me perceive their ideology and also gives me knowledge about their society in a lot more detail. It is definitely an intriguing learning platform for me where I learn, understand, comprehend and incorporate gradually.
  • It improves focus and helps in concentrating better. We tend to use our critical thinking while reading and some analytical skills to have a deeper insight into the story. Cohesive reading wriggles our thought process and might even change our perceptions about certain things. At times, while reading you come across some such plots that develop a euphoric feeling of happiness in you and this little thing brightens up your day and makes you think towards an optimistic direction. Thereafter your stressed day takes the shape of a joyful one.


For me, reading is undoubtedly a great entertainment. Unlike other games, play stations, social networking or phone applications, reading does not require you to pay any fees. Articles can be browsed from anywhere at any time and glanced over. Books are generally low priced and there are some great forums that help readers exchange or trade in their novel. This helps you gain a bundle of knowledge at a cheaper price and be at ease in your home.


Aanchal Tangri from India is pursuing a degree in English at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada.