From Student Blogger, Aanchal: Snow Schooling

From Student Blogger, Aanchal: Snow Schooling

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Coming from a tropical country like India, the weather I encounter here in Reno, Nevada is totally different. In my entire life, I had never seen snow. I belong to a hot region of India where even the winter temperature doesn’t go any lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here in Reno, all these recent days I have witnessed what I consider an excess of snow. This is a total shift of temperature for me. I used to watch the snow scenes in the movies and it looked amazing and had a picturesque effect on my mind. Even now when I see the snow from the window of my room, it feels purely rejoicing. The snowflakes leave soothing imagery and the white flurries give me immense joy while watching it. On the contrary, I don’t like the feeling of going out and stepping on the “white land.” Not only is there a fear of chill but also being more cautious on the slippery surfaces.

The most challenging part of winters is to drag your body out from underneath the cozy blankets. The cold weather succumbs you from indulging in any activity. The body tends to be stiffened and reluctant to make a movement. In this kind of weather, it is even more terrible to step down on the snow in the early hours and go for a class. The public transport and the delays associated are even bigger nightmares.

Extreme temperatures have not yet gelled well with my mood. It’s funny how the cold outside is somewhat contrary to my “boiled mood?” I know each day I have to leave the cozy comfy linens and step out to engage in the student routines of lectures, assignments and quizzes. Stepping out from the bed on the carpet is already a big task and then pushing yourself to breathe in the chill air outside is a resilient task in itself.

One other thing that I discovered here is the digitized system of American education. Time and money are imperative, especially as an international student. At times heavy snow results in curfew-kind-of situations.

But here at TMCC I am really impressed by the management of our institution. On the heavy snow days where we have to deal with delays and snow closures, the college is not able function physically but teachers have created online lectures and digital modules to facilitate the students. From the comfort of our home, we can get access to important lectures and other information. Online class discussions and mutual timelines allow for the class to interact and it doesn’t even feel like a hassle. This ensures that not even a single class goes to waste and even on heavy snow days, students gain productivity by just clicking, scrolling and paying a little attention. Yet another reason I feel glad about having chosen an American education!

Who knew education would come to our doorstep in the modern era and weather could not hamper any learning horizons!


Aanchal Tangri from India is pursuing degree in English at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada.