ELS Youth Programs: A Family Tradition

ELS Youth Programs: A Family Tradition

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Mother and Son Attend ELS Fun & Sun Youth Program Over 25 Years Apart.

It’s been over 25 years since Analia attended the ELS Fun & Sun youth program at Eckerd College, an experience that was so positive and formative in her childhood that she chose to send her son, Valentin, there.

“In 1991, I attended the ELS Fun & Sun youth program together with a group of boys and girls. It was an unforgettable experience, as well as culturally and socially enriching. In times when communication was far from what it is today—when we didn't have what social media offers today—I made friends with whom I am still in touch,” said Analia.

“It is an unforgettable experience,” Valentin said. “You learn English, you make friends, and you have fun. I will tell my friends and my family about the ELS program. It was astonishing and enjoyable. I will tell everyone time is running out, life is short, you should go to ELS Fun & Sun youth program. I have been there, and I promise you will not be disappointed by the campus.”

“I have beautiful memories from our breakfast at the cafeteria, teachers and counselors, my Puerto Rican roommate, and our evening activities and outings,” said Analia, originally from Argentina. “I was very happy there and I have always considered that experience as something worth living. For these reasons, the moment I learned my son, Valentin, had the possibility of going to ELS in St. Petersburg as I did when I was his age, I didn't hesitate; so off he went to learn and have a wonderful time just as I did. I send everybody there a warm hug, you are always in my heart,” Analia continued.

Valentin spent three weeks at the Fun & Sun youth program, during which he visited theme parks and participated in camp activities—just as his mother did—all while improving his English skills.


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