From Student Blogger, Komz: 3+2 Engineering Program with Columbia University!

From Student Blogger, Komz: 3+2 Engineering Program with Columbia University!

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A lot of people don’t consider liberal arts universities when applying to colleges because they don’t believe they can get the technical or engineering knowledge they need. The assumption is that liberal arts universities focus more on the social sciences and humanities. However, this is no longer the case at many liberal arts colleges. In fact, a lot of liberal arts schools offer combined degree programs with other engineering colleges.

The University of Redlands is one of them. The university offers a Combined Plan Engineering Program with Columbia University. Through this program, you earn two degrees in five years. A lot of international students are immediately attracted to our school because of this valuable and unique opportunity. The programs enable you to complete your liberal arts degree in three years at the University of Redlands and then get an engineering degree at Columbia University under any specification you want!

A lot of international students are intrigued by this program and find out about the university through the program. It’s definitely something that brings a lot of them here. One of the best parts about this program is that if you maintain the recommended GPA, admission into Columbia University’s engineering program is guaranteed. You get to spend your next two years at an IVY league school. While it is important to love and enjoy what you pursue wherever you go, it is true that the program has changed many lives. However, it is good to keep in mind that this program isn’t for everyone and it’s okay to change your mind about it once you get here.

A lot of students come into college knowing exactly what they want to do, but the more time they spend here, they realize that that’s not always the case. And a lot of people go in a different direction than previously imagined. It’s a similar case with the engineering program. A lot of students come in knowing that they want to do engineering, but things change along the way. From what I’ve seen, most students still do engineering but their concentrations change. That is a completely acceptable scenario because the university offers over 40 different majors and you will always find something you love here.

If you are positive that engineering is something that you love, I would encourage you to definitely consider this program and see where life takes you!



Komal “Komz” Muthyalu is an Indian student from Dubai studying Digital Transformation and Business Strategy at University of Redlands.