Explore your possibilities at Pierce College

Explore your possibilities at Pierce College

We invite you to study at Pierce College. Ranked in the top 10% of American 2-year community colleges, Pierce is a fully accredited public school, with two safe and modern campuses located near the Seattle area of Washington state, in Lakewood and Puyallup. International students come from around the world for Associate (university transfer) Degrees, studies in English language, professional-technical degree and certificate programs, and the Fast Track High School Completion Program, all taught by our outstanding faculty.

Intensive English (ESL) Program

  • Classes in Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening and Speaking
  • 20 hours of academically focused instruction per week
  • Beginning through advanced classes
  • Small class size
  • Direct entry to college (academic) programs guaranteed upon successful completion of the Intensive English Program
  • American Conversation Partner Program

Academic Options

  • Associate Degrees (University Transfer Programs — 2 + 2 = 4): Students can complete the two-year Associate Degree at Pierce College, then transfer to a university and, after two more years of studies, earn a bachelor's degree. Many majors are available including art, business, communications, computers, economics, education, engineering, sciences, theatre arts, and digital film.

    After being admitted to Pierce College, students can make a 4-year plan for completion of their bachelor’s degree. They can receive a guarantee of conditional admission from one our 14 partner universities, where they can transfer to complete their Bachelor’s degree. They can also participate in American Honors, a challenging program offered through Pierce College that connects students to more than 30 universities in the American Honors network.

    Transfer advisors help students in the process of transferring to a university. Pierce College credits are recognized throughout the United States, and our graduates have transferred to many top universities, including the University of Washington; New York University; UCLA, University of California at Berkeley; University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign; Columbia; Carnegie Mellon; Purdue; Fashion Institute of New York, and Cornell University.
  • Professional-Technical Degree or Certificate Programs: Students can gain valuable career skills in our short- or long-term job training programs. Fields of study include business, computer information systems, early childhood education and social service.
  • Fast Track High School Completion Program: This program enables students to earn a Washington State High School Diploma and, at the same time, earn credits towards their bachelor's degree. It takes approximately two years to complete this program (depending on English proficiency). Students follow the course requirements for the Associate (university transfer) Degree. Students in the Fast Track Program enroll in classes that give them both high school and college/university credit.

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