Reach Higher at Tacoma Community College

Reach Higher at Tacoma Community College

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Since 1965, TCC has offered students the opportunity to receive top-notch college education close home—and at an affordable cost. They've educated more than 500,000 students since we started, adding programs, expanding our campus and ensuring that we grow right along with our students.

Located near Seattle, Tacoma is the 3rd largest city in Washington State. Tacoma Community College (TCC) has consistently been ranked as one of America’s top 50 Community Colleges.  In 2010, we were ranked as the #1 Community College in Washington State.  The area is rich with cultural diversity and many recreational activities. Our climate allows for visits to the beach, boating and hiking in summer, and skiing and snowboarding in winter. TCC’s campus puts you near the heart of Tacoma, close to theaters, museums, cafés, waterfront restaurants, outlet malls, and a vibrant international district.

TCC provides a cost-effective way for students to start their college career and has been recognized for its academic excellence, service to veterans and more.

Why Should You Choose Tacoma Community College?

  • No TOEFL/IELTS score required
  • Low cost, high quality, guaranteed transferable education
  • Easy online application
  • I-20 issued in 2 business days
  • Free tutoring services
  • Excellent student support
  • Safe, beautiful location ideal for studying
  • Exceptional home stay program
  • Total enrollment: 9,000
  • International students:  nearly 400, from more than 40 different countries
  • Student Clubs

TCC can put you on the path to success, whether it’s through a two-year degree, a new career, or helping you start your four-year university education.

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