3 Year Bachelor's Degree!! Study in the USA and France!

3 Year Bachelor's Degree!! Study in the USA and France!

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Join our 2 + 1 Bachelor's Degree Program with Rennes School of Business in France!

International 2+1 Bachelor's Programs

American students often attend a community college and a university to complete their bachelor’s degree. In addition to Lane’s many partnerships for students to study at Lane and then at an American university, Lane is excited to create global pathways for students to complete their bachelor’s degree in countries around the world! The pathway for our global bachelor’s degree opportunities is quite similar, students will complete a specified associate degree at Lane and then, rather than transferring within the United States, students will complete their degree in another country.


  • A truly international degree! You will study in more than one country and gain a diverse set of perspectives. 
  • Complete your bachelor's degree much faster! 
    • The European Union and many other countries converted many of their bachelor's degrees into three year programs through the Bologna process. This means you could have a bachelor's degree in just one year after you graduate from Lane. 
  • All of your classes will be in English, but you will have the opportunity to experience other cultures and if you want, learn other languages! 
  • Affordability 
    • Community college tuition is usually half or a third the cost of a typical American university. 
    • Finishing in three years means you can begin your career earlier. 
    • Tuition costs vary greatly and may be lower at some international universities than at American universities. 


Global Business Pathway in Rennes, France
International Bachelor Program in Management 2+1 Pathway

American and International students at Lane Community College who are interested in international business now have an option to complete their bachelor’s degree at ESC School of Business in Rennes France (RSB)! Students will spend two years at Lane getting their Associate of Science Oregon Transfer: Business and one additional year at RSB to complete their International Bachelor’s Program in Management. If students are interested, they can spend one more year to receive a master’s degree in business or management.

How does it work?

  • Students apply to Lane and then complete their Associate of Science in Business Transfer with at least a 2.0 GPA. (2 years) 
  • In their second year at Lane, students apply to ESC School of Business. 
  • Lane International Programs advisors will assist you to obtain your visa to study in France. 
  • You are not required to learn French to attend as all of your classes will be in English, but you may want to consider taking French classes at Lane to make your transition to the Rennes community easier! 
  • RSB has four tracks to choose from: 
    • Sales & Marketing 
    • Digital Selling 
    • Finance & Banking 
    • Purchasing & Supply Chain 

Who can help you at Lane?

See your advisor early!

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