ALCI Chico Turns Studying in California INside-OUTside!

ALCI Chico Turns Studying in California INside-OUTside!

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Small groups inside the classroom provide one-on-one learning. Trips and activities outside the classroom offer the chance to participate in the best of Northern California culture.

Nor Cal agriculture’s roots run deep and Lundberg Family Farms is just one of many nearby places to see food production in action.

Chico galleries and museums showcase the arts and historically significant times and events.

Music and dance festivals bring theChicocommunity togetherforlively celebrations.

We beat the summer heat by paddling, rowing, and swimminginarea lakes and rivers.

The cold doesn’t keep us away from skiing and boarding on thesnowy slopes of Mt. Shasta.

The Golden Gate Bridge and streets of San Francisco are favorite photo ops!

Inside the classroom, learning is fun, multi-cultural, and supportive.

Speaking of IN and OUT, we have this California classic right down the street!