Enter our Instagram Contest @StudyintheUSA

Enter our Instagram Contest @StudyintheUSA

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Announcing our Instagram Contest, What adventures have you taken part in while you study abroad? But wait, don’t tell us here. Hop on over to our @studyintheusa Instagram page and enter our contest.

What is studying abroad if not to also take part in as many adventures as your academics will allow (without your grades suffering of course)? One of the things we love here is to see International students having the best time of their lives.

Studying abroad is as much about academics as it is about adventure. Post a picture of you on an adventure while studying abroad using the #StudyInTheUSA and #StudyAbroadLife hashtags and tag @studyintheusa. Bonus points if you can tag a friend who went on the adventure with you. Photo with the most likes wins. Must follow @studyintheusa and comment on the post below to qualify.

Think that your adventure was one of the best and have the pics to back it up? Then here is your chance to prove it by entering the #StudyintheUSA and #StudyAbroadLife Instagram contest. 

The Instagram Contest Rules 

The contest rules are pretty simple, and so easy for you to win.

  •       Post a picture of yourself on an adventure while you are studying in the USA
  •       Use the hashtags #StudyInTheUSA and #StudyAbroadLife 
  •       Tag us (@studyintheusa) in the post and follow our Instagram page
  •       And of course, Comment on our contest post to let us know that you entered the competition

There is no limit to the type of adventure. You just have to be Studying in the USA to enter (or took the picture while studying in the USA). And the post with the most likes wins.

What’s the Prize?

Just the best platform to tell your adventure story to the world. Our Instagram contest winner will be featured here on Study in the USA to share their study abroad adventure to our hundreds of thousands of followers.   

Ready, set, …

Let’s capture your study abroad experience. Hashtag your best study abroad photo and let’s show that study abroad students know how to combine academics and epic adventures. 

Hop on over to our Study in the USA Instagram page and enter our contest.