How Instructors Use Magoosh to Improve Their Classroom Experience

How Instructors Use Magoosh to Improve Their Classroom Experience

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What is Magoosh? 

Magoosh is an online test preparation company that teaches students through video lessons, practice test questions, and online email support. It's One of the Top Test Prep Courses Available that Guaranteed Score Improvement. 

They're committed to making test prep accessible, effective, and enjoyable so that students can achieve their educational dreams. 

Magoosh love working with students, and they also love working directly with their instructors! They have partnerships with organizations in many countries around the world that use Magoosh as a resource for their students. Some use Magoosh as a stand-alone resource, while others integrate Magoosh’s product into their test prep program.

In this post, the instructors from four of their partners share how they use Magoosh to support their students.

This instructor uses Magoosh’s GRE product with the students of a scholars program at a university in the United States.

How have you integrated Magoosh into your program?

“We give [students] videos from Magoosh to complete each week in both Verbal and Quantitative […] and actually show videos in class that we want to be sure everyone watches. They also take a pre-test before they even start any homework […] and they take another test at the end for a post-test. We make up some games to use with them, too.”

What tips do you have for other instructors using Magoosh?

“At minimum, make [students] do a 6 month study period. Also, having them do a pre-test before any studying is done is a great way to determine where they need to study more. It also gets them used to taking the test. The post-test is useful because you can tell if they were studying on their own (their scores ideally should go up).”

“We’ve found this year that we will likely need to make individually tailored assignments. Magoosh offers a lot of videos, and we just don’t have the time as a group to watch them all. [This] spring we chose the most general “review” type videos to have students complete, and then in the summer, we’ll tailor it to the students’ needs. If they are strong in math, they’ll be assigned more verbal and vice versa.”

“Our data has showed significant changes in scores from pre- and post-tests using Magoosh. Our biggest change (increase) was 5 points this year – that could very well mean the difference between grad school funding or not.”

Barbara works for College Track, a non-profit providing academic support to students from underserved communities. College Track students use Magoosh’s ACT product.

How have you integrated Magoosh into your program?

“1) Additional in-class practice 2) homework, 3) assignments for holidays, 4) a way of making up an absence”

What tips do you have for other instructors using Magoosh?

“Use it as a means to check for understanding and thus gauge the types of questions students are challenged by per subject. Use this information to adjust lessons so they address areas of growth.”

This instructor works for a study abroad consultancy in India, and his students use Magoosh’s GRE, GMAT, and SAT products.

How have you integrated Magoosh into your program?

“It is prescribed as additional study material. Our faculty ask students to complete specific topics/ practice sessions after those are covered during lectures. It is also a good way for students with travelling jobs to keep in touch with studies.”

“We ask students who cannot attend lectures to use Magoosh study plan. For regular – classroom based lecture attending students, we use Magoosh as supplement to regular studies.”

What tips do you have for other instructors?

“[Magoosh] is very effective if used along with group studies and actual lectures.”

Taylor works for The Phoenix Scholars, a non-profit organization directed by Stanford University students to provide college mentoring to low-income, first-generation, minority high school students in California. Through a scholarship program, students are provided with Magoosh SAT test prep.

How have you integrated Magoosh into your program?

“This year, we implemented a scholarship program in which 10 students were provided with a 3-month subscription to the Magoosh SAT test prep services.”

What tips do you have for other instructors?

“Utilize the extremely helpful instructor tab in which you are able to monitor student progress within their individual study programs. You are able to easily track their scores and testing improvements.”



Written by Claire Markham

Claire creates partnerships with organizations such as schools, non-profits, and tutoring centers so that even more students can use Magoosh’s test prep products! Currently an MBA student at UC Berkeley-Haas, Claire has six years of experience building all kinds of partnerships, from infrastructure in North America to microfinance in Africa. She loves karaoke, yoga and math jokes, and will never say no to a dance-off.