Find the Right International College Program in the US at Green River College

Find the Right International College Program in the US at Green River College

March 6th, 2018

How many of us really want to jump straight into a university from high school? Perhaps we want a gap year. Maybe we would like to finish high school in a college setting. Or what about getting an intensive English program so that we have a better chance of getting into college. Whatever the case may be, you just might find the right international college program in the US at Green River College.

Planning a tertiary education can be difficult unless you follow a tried and true path. But, you can make it easier with an international college program in the US. And Green River College International Programs are amongst the best. Their international programs come with:

  •       a diverse student body for better life experiences
  •        great programs that address your academic needs
  •       transfer agreements with top 4-year universities

The Bridge Between High School and a 4-Year University

Green River College gives you an awesome little bridge program for international students. They offer a variety of programs to help you make the transition to university. They give you several options to choose from and some of them can allow you to transfer for your final 2 years at a 4-year University. 

If you’re not quite sure what you would like to do, take a gap year at Green River College, review a variety of courses and choose the best future for you. You could also enroll in an intensive English course program or opt for high school completion in a college setting.

An Experience Unlike Any Other at The Green River College

With students from all over the world, Green River has a diverse student body for a great mix of local and international students. You will make lifelong friends from around the globe. Plus, you can experience the beauty and joy of the largest city in Washington. After all, you will be living less than 30 minutes away from Seattle. 

The Green River Campus has a lot of vegetation and a quiet environment just right for studying. And it has great hiking trails that can give you a unique view of Mount Rainer, the highest mountain in the state of Washington. There is always the excitement of campus life. You can choose to live on campus and enjoy the traditional college life or in the community with a homestay family.

Where would you like to go?

You can go anywhere from Green River College. Their students have gone on to universities across the USA and throughout the world. Get the facts on Green River College or request more information and start your journey to a better higher education experience.

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