Learn English while you explore exciting American cities!

Learn English while you explore exciting American cities!

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Speak more. See more. Be more.

Learning English isn’t just about studying in a classroom, it’s meant to be more – and so are you.

With ELS Language Experience+, improve your English-speaking skills in a flexible and relaxed classroom environment for 3 or 6 hours per day, which prepares you to go out into the real world and practice your new skills with exciting cultural activities. Choose to study in Santa Monica, CA, Orlando, FL, or Manhattan, NY, for as many weeks as you like. 


  • Everyday English: Get conversation-confident. This essential class within ELS Language Experience+ gives you the skills you need to speak casually in everyday situations with ease and accuracy.
  • Grammar in Action: Learn the building blocks of the English language that help you seamlessly transition from the classroom to the real world.
  • Digital Expression: Use your developing English skills to connect to the digital world through a project you propose and customize based on your interests.
  • Discover and Discuss: Confidently share your thoughts and opinions on current topics. This discussion-based class focuses on contemporary subjects such as artificial intelligence, environmentalism, and more.

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