Welcome to Utah State University Intensive English Language Institute (IELI)

Welcome to Utah State University Intensive English Language Institute (IELI)

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Since 1972, IELI has created a supportive and engaging environment that promotes the development of linguistic and academic skills and intercultural competence necessary for international students, scholars and professionals to be successful in their academic pursuits at USU and become independent citizens and leaders in a constantly changing world.

Utah State is recognized for the interaction between professors and students. Most students will find professors accessible, both to answer questions and give advice. 

Learning at Utah State is an exciting mixture of coursework in the classroom combined with hands-on learning in special research projects, internships, meaningful employment opportunities and special programs to allow students to apply their classroom experience to real-world situations.

Students who successfully complete the intensive English program need not submit a TOEFL score for either graduate or undergraduate admission to Utah State University (USU).

The IELI program is open to students who want to get a degree at Utah State University as well as students who want to study English for personal or professional reasons. This program offers many advantages: 

  • Quality program at a comprehensive university
  • TOEFL not required after English study 
  • Credit-bearing classes
  • Safe and beautiful environment
  • On-campus or off-campus housing options
  • Scenic, recreational area

Many outdoor activities available, including skiing, hiking, biking and rafting

Utah State is located in a safe and beautiful campus setting. We have a strong commitment to international and intercultural education and welcome students from all over the world.

Becoming part of the university community is a major part of the students' education, and students can make friends in many ways. It may be through living in the residence halls, teaming up for a class project or a lab experiment or joining the honor society. It may be through a volunteer experience or going to a concert with a group, shopping, or attending a sporting event.


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