Improve Your English With The Language Connection (TLC )

Improve Your English With The Language Connection (TLC )

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Experience English Language and Culture

St. John's University is committed to students’ success, they offer an extensive support system, which includes The Language Connection (TLC). TLC offers English as a Second Language course, ranging from beginners to university preparatory level. 

The Language Connection (TLC) exemplifies St. John’s University's commitment to international education and to the promotion of global understanding. Their mission is to provide learners with quality language instruction, while helping them gain the academic skills and cultural knowledge necessary for their success in academic programs at St. John’s University and other academic institutions, and in their future professional and personal lives.

St. John’s University fully supports and promotes the ongoing professional development of our faculty and staff in order to stay at the forefront of changing trends in the field of international education and the teaching of English as a second language.

They make every effort to provide our students with an optimal learning environment, including the most effective pedagogical methods and instructional materials, the latest technology, and modern classroom and living facilities.

St. John’s University is ranked #1 among U.S. Catholic universities for financial generosity to international students by College Board’s Big Future site. The University offers merit scholarships that require no additional application. Awards range from $5,500 per year to full tuition for four years of full-time undergraduate study. Opportunities include the Presidential Scholarship, Provost Scholarship, Scholastic Excellence Scholarship, St. Vincent de Paul Scholarship, Student Success Award, University Promise Award, and Academic Achievement Award.

The University Freshman Center was created to fulfill the commitment made by St. John’s University to mentor and guide first-year students from all over the globe with their transition from high school to college. Their mission is to welcome every student into the St. John’s community and support their overall development, acclimation, and integration into the University setting in New York City.

Also, St. John’s offers more than 180 student organizations that celebrate the educational and cultural richness of the University. Students are encouraged to get involved and develop socially alongside students who share common interests. Furthermore, the neighborhoods immediately surrounding our metropolitan campuses offer tastes of home for students from all over the globe.

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