Fly High at the University of Dayton

Fly High at the University of Dayton

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Originally founded in 1850, the University of Dayton is a top-tier national research university. The university offers more than 150 focuses of study in undergraduate programs to its 10,000 students from its campus on the banks of the Great Miami River in southwest Ohio. Here’s a closer look into how Dayton transforms driven students into global leaders.


Campus Life: The University of Dayton prides itself on being a campus of “doers.” Boasting more than 270 clubs and organizations across campus, students have the opportunity to grow their interests in many different ways. Though the campus is affiliated with the Catholic Church, the University of Dayton celebrates all religions and encourages students of every faith to deepen their understanding and acceptance of others and come together for a stronger community. Dayton students are also active in their local community. The Center for Social Concern houses advocacy groups and volunteer organizations, and connects students with local organizations, fostering a productive and positive relationship with the city of Dayton.


Flyer Fever: The University of Dayton has 16 athletic teams, known as the Dayton Flyers. The “Flyer Faithful,” as their dedicated fans are called, cheer on the University of Dayton year-round with sports including soccer, American football, tennis and volleyball. Dayton students and fans are very passionate about their basketball teams and are consistently ranked among the best in nation for fan attendance and school spirit.


Global Education: Home to students from more than 40 countries, the University of Dayton values students of every culture and country. The Office of International Admission is a great resource for international students and offers Intensive English Programs to prepare students for success while they study in the United States. The most popular majors at Dayton are business, management, engineering, education and communications. Most classes at the University of Dayton have less than 50 students, giving the professors a better opportunity to connect individually and ensure student success.


Research: The University of Dayton prides itself on being a top-tier research university. Adding to its robust engineering curriculum is the University of Dayton Research Institute, where students collaborate with professors and existing businesses on projects as they develop their skills and prepare for their careers. Dayton also offers centers for advanced research, including the Building Energy Center, Industrial Assessment Center, Ladar and Optical Communications Institute and more. By investing over $100 million in these research opportunities, the University of Dayton has established a legacy of excellence and encourages students to gain a hands-on understanding of their future.


Moving In: First year students at the University of Dayton are required to live in a residence hall, but many choose to move off campus for their later years. When students make the transition to an off-campus apartment, there are several important considerations. is a great resource for students moving to a new area. The website allows students to search for an apartment based on distance from the campus location, while also showing the cost of living, local restaurants, the length of your commute and more. If your apartment is unfurnished, furniture rental is an economical and convenient way to furnish your home. CORT, the leading provider of furniture rental in the U.S., furnishes thousands of student apartments with everything from beds and sofas to housewares and electronics – all with affordable rental package options.

Moving to the United States for school involves a lot of planning and preparation. Take the time to think about your needs and interests as you begin to pursue an education. If you are interested in learning more about the University of Dayton, explore their website to see if they are the right fit for your academic interests.  


Margaret Schwartz is an experienced international traveler and Director of Marketing at CORT Furniture Rental, where she works directly with students and higher education institutions. She is also an alumnus of the University of Dayton.