Major Anxiety? How to Smoothly Get Through Your College Years

Major Anxiety? How to Smoothly Get Through Your College Years

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By Brooke Chaplan

“College is the best time of your life” is a common phrase that emerging college students are told as they begin their academic journey. However, it is not true for all students. Those with anxiety may view college parties and social activities as a source of stress instead of enjoyment.

With the right approach, students with major anxiety will be able to get through their college years without any major problems. Here are some easy tips that make a big difference:


Plan Your Classes Thoughtfully

Going to class is the most important part of attending college. Online classes are becoming more popular, even with students who live on-campus. Being able to incorporate online classes into your academic progress will give you more flexibility in your schedule.

For a traditional classroom, aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin. Being one of the first students inside of the classroom gives you the opportunity to choose your ideal seat. Choosing a desk near the exit will allow you to leave the classroom without causing too much of a distraction (if needed).

It’s also a good idea to take more than just the required classes. You may not need anything but Wi-Fi and a laptop to complete an online economics degree, but you’ll enjoy the experience more if you diversify your classes and take something fun. You may have some flexibility in your general classes that allow you to take an art class or be a mentor. College is for getting a degree, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do more.


Find Comfort in the Library

While it is easy to stay in your room to study and do your homework, it is much better for your mental health to have a change of scenery from time to time.

The library is the ideal location for students with anxiety who still would like to be part of the college atmosphere and environment. The quiet rules of the library make it a great place to be when you want to be around other students without feeling the pressure to have a conversation. Most libraries also have quiet zones with strict rules that promote silence and solitude.

What is important here is to arrive at the library at the ideal time to be able to choose where you want to hang out. You may need to visit the library at random times throughout the week to determine when there is less traffic. You can also ask the librarian when the library has the most downtime. Generally speaking, Friday nights and weekends are the days when the library will have the fewest occupants.


Eat Early

Going to the cafeteria at peak times for lunch and dinner is a recipe for disaster. It is better to plan your meal times to be before or after the peak hours. Early morning breakfasts are usually less occupied as well.

Find the operating schedule for the cafeteria and plan your day around arriving within 45 minutes of the opening/closing times.


Join a Club

Having anxiety doesn’t mean that you need to be anti-social. Having a friendly support system on-campus will give you a more well-rounded college experience.

The easiest way to make friends in college is through clubs and organizations that are focused on things that you are interested in. Sharing a common interest with other students takes the pressure off of finding something to talk about.

Always keep in mind that it is alright to leave if you do not feel comfortable in any situation.


Stay Connected to Family and Friends

Whether you are going to college in another state or just a few minutes away, make it a priority to keep in touch with your family and friends. Calling your mom or dad every few days will make them happy and also give you a chance to decompress any thoughts or feelings you may have about college life.

By using these tips and suggestions, your college years will be a smooth transition for you as you progress into the next stage of your life. Mastering the art of arriving in perfect timing will allow you to be comfortable in a variety of settings.


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