The Best Online Degrees for Active People

The Best Online Degrees for Active People

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By Dixie Somers

For some people, being active is part of their passion for life. Whether it is sports, physical fitness or exploring the great outdoors, they live to take part in healthy physical activities. Thankfully, if you love being active, there are many great career paths for you to pursue. Below are four great online degrees for active people.


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Fitness

If you love exercise and enjoy tracking your own personal progress when becoming more fit, one excellent choice for an online degree is a bachelor’s degree in physical fitness. When pursuing this degree, you will study the health science behind many kinds of exercise such as cardiovascular exercise, weight training and group exercise. This degree can obtain you a multitude of different positions such as becoming a fitness instructor or personal trainer.


2. Master’s Degree in Athletic Coaching

For other people, they simply love sports. Whether it is basketball, football, soccer, baseball or track and field, there simply is nothing quite as exciting as athletic competition. Most people aren’t able to extend their sports careers to the professional leagues. However, you can still stay involved in your sport of choice by seeking a master’s in sports coaching. A master’s degree in athletic coaching is one excellent way for you to pursue your passion and mentor the next generation of athletes at the same time.


3. Master’s Degree in Physical Education

For many people, their passion for being physically active began in gym class during elementary school or high school. If you love working with children as well as mentoring others to improve their physical health, pursuing an online master’s degree in physical education is a great choice. Doing so will allow you pass on the knowledge of how to live a healthy active life to future generations. Being a teacher is one of the noblest professions there is.


4. Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy

Another excellent choice you should consider pursuing with your online schooling is a bachelor’s degree to become a physical therapist. Physical therapists work directly with athletes and others who take part in sports and other physical activities. They are healthcare professionals that help people overcome pain and mobility issues so they don’t have to seek other options like surgery and medication. It’s a great career path for those wishing to help the physically active through healthcare.

Just because you want a full time career does not mean you have to abandon your passions. If your passion is physical fitness or sports, there are plenty of great careers for your pursue by obtaining an online degree.


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