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  • Article Image Why Study in Canada

    Why Study in Canada

    Canada has been proclaimed the most notable nation on the planet for the third successive year. Not only bringing home the general title, but Canada also guaranteed the leading spot in classifications from "best country to live" to "best country to study," while additionally positioning itself as the best country work, visit and live. Are you searching for a genuine motivation to sew that maple leaf fix on your knapsack? Here are 5 top motives to select one of Canada's debut instructive foundations as a global student. Peruse increasingly about projects in Canada here.

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  • Article Image Canada: English or French?

    Canada: English or French?

    English or French? The short answer is both. English and French are both Canada’s official languages, with 56.9% of the population considering English their first language and 21.3 considering French their first language. However, that doesn’t mean you have to know both languages to study in Canada. And who cares about short answers, anyway?

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  • Article Image How to Get Your Study Visa in Canada

    How to Get Your Study Visa in Canada

    Many international students are choosing Canada as their destination to study, and it’s no wonder why. Canada offers excellent educational programs, natural wonders, multicultural society, and an affordable cost of living.

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  • Article Image Top Reasons to Study in Canada

    Top Reasons to Study in Canada

    For students interested in studying abroad, Canada is a safe, open and tolerant multicultural society with a unique education system that offers a rich variety of academic programs.

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  • Article Image Most International Canadian Universities

    Most International Canadian Universities

    When deciding where to study, the international aspect of a university is a factor in one way or another. It may be because we want to know if there will be other students from our home country, or maybe we just want to know what kind of community we will be able to find. Regardless, the benefits of “international” education are endless. Almost a year ago, in March 2018, Times Higher Education made a list of the 200 most international universities in the world. Seven on this list were Canadian universities, all of them among the first hundred. 

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  • Article Image Canada’s Education System

    Canada’s Education System

    Not only does Canada have one of the best education systems in the world, with The Master Portal ranking it in 7th place, but Canada is also, not surprisingly, one of the most educated countries. This may in part be due to the efforts the Canadian government puts into education.

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  • Article Image Student Housing in Canada

    Student Housing in Canada

    One of the most intimidating parts about choosing where you are going to study, besides the university, is trying to decide where you’re going to live. Should you stay on campus? Should you rent a place? What if it’s too expensive? If your school has some sort of Facebook group, it’s possible some people are even starting to plan to move together. Do universities expect you to stay in dorms?

    Honestly neither is better than the other. On campus or off campus there are many variables, but let’s get more specific. Really, what are your choices?

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  • Article Image 5 Reasons You Should Study in Canada

    5 Reasons You Should Study in Canada

    When students start considering an international education, some of the more obvious choices are usually the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Germany (in that order, according to UNESCO Institute of Statistics). But, there is one choice that is becoming more and more popular in recent years: pursuing an education in a Canadian university.

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  • Article Image The difference between US & Canadian universities

    The difference between US & Canadian universities

    Know about the US and Canadian University before you plan to take admission. Click on the link and find out the country that best meets your requirements. 

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  • Article Image Top Ten Beautiful Canadian Universities

    Top Ten Beautiful Canadian Universities

    Trying to find the ten most beautiful universities in Canada was simultaneously extremely easy and difficult. First, because there are about 96 universities in Canada, and too many of them look amazing. Second, because multiple sources have tried to make this same list before, all with different results. It makes sense, though; it’s very subjective. 

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