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Below you will find a list of available programs that you can save to your program list or apply to now. To learn more about a program and its requirements, please click on the View button for that program. You can add as many programs as you’d like from this school or any other. Once you’re ready to apply, we’ll build your master application. Your application will be in English.

Before you begin your application it is crucial that you need to understand your schools' admission requirements and that you have all your documents and information on hand. Each program is unique and will have different language and test score requirements. Before you apply, make sure you qualify.

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You will need the following for your application:

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  • Parent, guardian or sponsor's information
  • Academic transcripts and test scores
  • Financial information
  • You may also need letters of support

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Program NameProgram LevelStart DateSessionTuitionDetails:
August 2019
English for Academic PurposesCertificateAug 15, 2019Full Time$3,152 USDView
NursingUndergraduateAug 15, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView
Associate Degree (Open Admission)UndergraduateAug 15, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView
September 2019
Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering (STEM)UndergraduateSep 11, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView
CommunicationsUndergraduateSep 11, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView
BusinessUndergraduateSep 11, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView
ArtsUndergraduateSep 11, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView
People and Communities (Anthropology, History, Political Science, Psychology)UndergraduateSep 11, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView
November 2019
English for Academic PurposesCertificateNov 15, 2019Full Time$3,152 USDView
NursingUndergraduateNov 15, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView
Associate Degree (Open Admission)UndergraduateNov 15, 2019Full Time$9,456 USDView