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Living and studying in the USA as an international student will bring you many opportunities. These resources will help you prepare for your academic journey and fun new experiences in the United States!

Can I Work in the USA While Studying?

Can I Work in the USA While Studying?

The cost of studying in the USA can be expensive for international students, and really American students as well. Working while studying can be helpful to reduce the cost of your education and provide you applicable work experience. Many internation...

November 2nd, 2021
Applying to College as an International Student

Applying to College as an International Student

When thinking about applying to colleges in the U.S.,Victoria from São Paulo, Brazil, was repeatedly told that she wouldn’t be able to make her U.S. education dreams come true. But now she’s in her third year at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, and...

three students discussing their online school application

Which Schools Offer Conditional Admission?

Many international students come to the USA to learn English, or pursue a degree program, or both. If you are interested in a degree program like a bachelor’s or master’s, most colleges and universities have a minimum English profici...

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