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Living and studying in the USA as an international student will bring you many opportunities. These resources will help you prepare for your academic journey and fun new experiences in the United States!

Brenda from Brazil, Yuqi from China, Aziz from Saudi Arabia, Gaddiel from Italy, and Nazeem from Afghanistan discuss how TLC’s supportive environment, small class sizes, and diverse community enrich their educational journeys and personal growth.

Real Stories from The Language Company Students

The Language Company (TLC) offers high-quality English language instruction and cultural immersion opportunities designed to help international students thrive academically and personally. With personalized attention, small class sizes, and supportiv...

June 28th, 2024
Dormitory Drama: The Midnight Fire Alarm Story

Dormitory Drama: The Midnight Fire Alarm Story

Thu Aung, an international student from Myanmar at Santa Rosa Junior College, recounts her first experience with a fire alarm in her new dorm. She describes the initial shock and chaos, the surprising calmness of her fellow students, and how the inci...

Making the Impossible Possible: My Journey to LA Pierce College

Making the Impossible Possible: My Journey to LA Pierce College

Studying abroad, while challenging, offers immense opportunities beyond academic advancement, including cultural immersion, personal growth, and professional networking. Currently enjoying her time at Los Angeles Pierce College and studying liberal s...

June 26th, 2024
My Guide to Surviving International Stereotypes

My Guide to Surviving International Stereotypes

International students often face stereotypes about their cultures, which can range from amusing to shockingly ignorant. Blogger Dylana Camacho Orozco believes that despite these challenges, these experiences provide opportunities to educate others a...

A promotional image for Uniplaces, highlighting their verified properties, easy booking process, and fast service for international students seeking housing.

Making the Right Housing Choice: Tips for Success

When pursuing higher education in the U.S., you have various housing options including: on-campus dormitories, off-campus apartments, homestays, and student housing communities. Each option offers distinct advantages and disadvantages, so consider yo...

Category: Life in the USA
June 4th, 2024
Testimonials from students like Siya from India, Esther from Ghana, and Anvi from India, who successfully obtained their visas with the help of Argo Visa after initial setbacks.

Your U.S. Visa Journey Made Simple

Starting your studies in the United States is a significant and exciting opportunity, but the visa process can be challenging. Study in the USA has partnered with Argo Visa to provide expert guidance, ensuring a smooth and stress-free visa applicatio...

5 Reasons Why Green River College Stands Out Among the Rest

5 Reasons Why Green River College Stands Out Among the Rest

Green River College offers an exceptional experience for international students with its robust support system, small class sizes, abundant leadership opportunities, tight-knit community, and stunning natural environment. These factors contribute to...

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