UExcel®, a credit-by-exam program

UExcel®, a credit-by-exam program

If you already have knowledge in several sciences and other fields, you may be able to test out of introductory U.S. university courses and enter university at a higher level with UExcel®, a credit-by-exam program developed by two recognized leaders in education.

An alliance between Pearson (www.pearson.com) and Excelsior College (www.excelsior.edu), the UExcel program provides college- and university-bound students with computer-based examinations that can be taken to earn university credit for subjects they already know. When a student passes the exam, credit is awarded on an official transcript from Excelsior College (a regionally accredited American institution of higher learning) which may then be transferred to a college or university of the student's choosing.

UExcel tests may be used to fulfill lower-level requirements and, because the tests are in English, to assist in the admissions process by proving a student's ability to successfully pass university level exams in English. They help indicate a student's readiness to attend university in the U.S.

Students can earn up to six credits each in Calculus, College Writing (university-level), Physics, Political Science, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Spanish Language and Statistics. Three more exams are scheduled for introduction in 2012. Additionally, students can take advantage of another Excelsior College credit-by-examination program, Excelsior College Examinations®, to earn university credit in greater than forty additional lower- and upper-level subject areas. Visit www.excelsior.edu and click on "Exams"; to learn more.

UExcel exams are appropriate for students entering university who have studied specific subject matter as part of their secondary school education or are willing to study on their own prior to taking the exams. The www.UExcelTest.com website includes information on the content areas covered by each exam as well as an integrated suite of study resources, including textbooks and practice tests, to help students prepare for exams. Students take the exams any time of the year, when they are ready, at a convenient time and location. International students can take UExcel examinations at more than 2500 Pearson VUE test centers worldwide, before leaving their home country.

The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and made college credit recommendations for UExcel examinations. A list of colleges and universities that agree to accept recommendations from ACE are located at http://www.uexceltest.com/credit/accept/.

Thousands of American colleges and universities accept credit-by-examination as academic credit. Students are encouraged to contact the college or university of their choice to inquire about their transfer policy for ACE recommended credit by exam. A transfer kit is available to aid students with this process.

Most large universities - especially public institutions - will still require international students to sit for placement examinations in math, science and English. However, students who have advanced learning in any of the UExcel subject areas may be able to use these tests to bypass an introductory 100-level course requirement and be placed into an intermediate-level course instead. This can be especially helpful to students who can only afford a few years of tuition in the United States.

Registration, delivery and official transcripts are processed through Pearson, the largest provider of educational materials worldwide. For more information about the program, please visit www.UExceltest.com.

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