Why You Should Study in the USA and What to Expect

Why You Should Study in the USA and What to Expect

By Arya Antherjanam V

From serving 100 acres of pizza every day to holding the most extensive academic library in the world, the USA is making its legacy more loud and clear. But, it’s more than the Hollywood sign, hotdogs, sandwiches, and enticing summers. The country is known for efficient business leaders and savvy entrepreneurs for a reason; it excels in the quality of its education and an abundance of opportunities. If that doesn’t convince you, here are a few traits that make the U.S. the most preferred study abroad destination.

1. State-of-the-art facilities and international recognition

It’s no joke that a degree from an American university is globally recognized and respected due to its flexible and high-quality educational system. Out of 4,000 universities spread across the country, five U.S. universities — Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, and the University of Chicago — are among the top 10 universities im the world.

America has conquered the educational market with its research-oriented and unconventional ways of teaching. The classrooms are aligned with the latest technology and teaching paradigms. Most colleges offer a wide range of degrees in different disciplines covering science, technology, finance, management, journalism, arts, humanities, law, and agriculture. If you are not sure which subject to major in, don’t worry, you can join an undergraduate program and decide on the go.

The American education system believes in giving a chance to every student to find out whether a course suits you. Once you figure out the subject you want to have a master’s degree in, you don’t have to follow the herd. Instead, you can customize the course according to your aptitude and goals. Through an academic environment that nourishes continuous development, the USA has acquired a place in every student’s heart.

2. Financial and emotional support for studies

Very often, the cost of studying and living abroad is enough to make students drop their plans for an international degree. But you don’t have to fret about it if you choose well-funded U.S. universities. The U.S. government offers scholarships for international students majoring in different disciplines like the Foreign Fulbright Student Program, extending even for artists. In addition, various universities and colleges, including Cornell University, boost funding for students hailing from other countries.

Apart from that, many agency-funded programs such as the AAUW international fellowship and World Bank Graduate Scholarship provide financial support at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Most of the scholarships cover your tuition fees, and some might even help with the rent of your New York student housing. Moreover, it’s one of the very few countries that support and celebrate sports education.

U.S. universities promise an effortless translation for an international student to settle down in the new place. The global communities are very active both on- and off-campus. There are plenty of workshops and orientation programs that set the base for a pleasant stay. The U.S. also allows the students to stay for a certain period after graduation to explore career opportunities with industry leaders and eminent scientists.

3. Exceptional career opportunities

A flexible and friendly educational system produces passionate individuals who know what they want. Exciting advancement in technology helps students have access to the latest resources and techniques. With the clarity and versatility acquired through university training, U.S. students think out of the box, which is a skill favored by the recruiters.

With famous companies like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks located in the USA, a student has the advantage of location and access to collaborate, work, and learn from the world leaders. 

With many Universities at the forefront of science and research, students get the chance to engage in research projects and get their work patented. With the option to assist a professor in a lab, a student gets acquainted with research early in their career. Research labs are well-equipped and fully functional with highly skilled labor and solid scientific expertise. A postgraduate student can work as a teaching assistant and hence upgrade their skillset and build confidence. In summers, most students find internships that can fill both their wallets and resumes.

4. A melting pot of cultures

To say each city in the U.S. has a life of its own wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Home to several different communities and age groups, regional diversity is central to American lifestyle and culture. As a result, you can make friends in every corner of the country, be it a swimming pool, a pottery class, a grocery store, or student accommodation near Los Angeles.

You meet and socialize with people who speak multiple languages, practice different religions, and have varied outlooks towards life. You not only expand your network; you grow more mature and broaden your perspective. With students of different ethnicities, nationalities, and religions enrolling each year, U.S. universities boast an enthralling cultural diversity. You are guaranteed a vibrant and rewarding student life on campus.

Support groups and sororities on campus enhance networking among students who tend to become friends for life. In addition, you can find housemates through different student groups for a pleasant stay at private student accommodation in Boston, Chicago, and Cambridge, which doubles the fun of house parties and nights out. Finally, you can go back to your home country with an international degree, meaningful friendships, and an experience of a lifetime.

5. Home to anyone who sets their foot in

The USA allows you to grow: personally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Living in this multifaceted country shapes you into a more confident, self-reliant, and bold individual. Come study here!

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Arya Antherjanam V, a postgraduate in physics, dropped her research studies to take up writing full time. A content writer by day, a poet by night, and a performer on weekends, she believes that conversations can change the world. through her words.

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