Housing Tips for International Students

Housing Tips for International Students

Living situations can have a large impact on the university experience for students studying abroad in the United States. Between choosing a roommate, moving in belongings and transforming a new space into a comfortable home, it is easy to get overwhelmed. For students who choose to live off campus, there are many considerations. Upon arriving in the United States, students are often responsible for researching, touring, moving and furnishing their own apartment. Fortunately, there are several housing options and services available to suit every student’s needs.

Finding a home in the United States

When searching for a place to live in the United States, location is the first key consideration. For instance, do you prefer a more private neighborhood, farther away from campus, or a shorter commute in an apartment building with many residents? Select a living situation that will be agreeable to your lifestyle and provide for your needs, whether those needs are a quiet study space or a relaxing area to get together with friends and classmates on the weekends. Regardless of personal preference, always remember to include neighborhood safety in your search criteria and final decision.

Personal finances are another consideration when looking for a place to call home while studying abroad. Depending on where you are attending university, apartment prices can vary drastically. City apartments tend to be more expensive compared to apartments located in rural or suburban areas. Set a realistic budget for how much you are able to spend on rent each month and concentrate on finding a place to live within that price range. If possible, arrange a tour (virtual or in-person) to develop a comfort level for the living space. Before you begin touring apartments, create a list of questions to ask your tour guide or realtor. Items such as utilities and TV cable are not usually included in your monthly rent price and can significantly increase your overall cost of living.

Roommates are a great option to both ease the financial stress of housing costs and to provide a companion during your school experience. Roommates split overall rent costs and share household chores, making maintaining your own home or apartment more manageable and allowing for extra study time. Many universities offer online roommate-finding services to help students find compatible roommate matches during the school year.

Some universities offer housing accommodations specifically geared toward international students. Check with your university’s office of student housing or office of international services to learn if they offer these programs.

Setting up a home away from home

Once you have signed a lease on a house or apartment, it is important to add personal touches that make this space a home. Students are inundated with responsibilities from the moment they step off the plane, between course work and becoming assimilated to a new county, settling into your new space can become a low priority. However, little touches, such as curtains, cozy bedding and personal mementos transform a living arrangement from an unfamiliar apartment into your very own space. For off-campus units that are unfurnished, furniture rental offers a quick and convenient solution.

CORT furniture rental for international students

CORT furnishes thousands of student apartments with rental furniture, cookware for your kitchen, towels and linens, a TV, and more. CORT offers a wide selection of furniture collections that include beds, sofas, tables and desks to accommodate a variety of tastes, and accessories such as lamps, wall pictures, and décor that truly add a personal touch to the space. Students can order furnishings from CORT before traveling to the United States and arrive to an apartment that is fully furnished. Stylish and practical student furniture rental packages begin at only $99 per month. For students unsure of their exact length of stay, CORT also provides a flexible rental timeline.

CORT Destination Services also help in the home selection process. CORT offers a wide range of services, including meeting you at the airport, showing you apartments and housing that meet your criteria, even helping you order utilities. CORT can help you get acclimated to the area quickly so you can focus on your studies.

Finding the perfect apartment is no easy task, but for students that put in the extra time and effort, it can be manageable. Keep these tips in mind to make your transition to the U.S. as seamless as possible! For more information on CORT’s furniture rental solutions, please visit www.CORT.com/usanow.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. WHY RENT FURNITURE? Renting furniture is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to purchasing furniture for most temporary situations. Once you purchase furniture, it is your responsibility to set up, store and dispose of it. This can become a burden when you are living somewhere for a short period of time. When you rent from CORT, we deliver and set up your furniture and when you leave, we pick it up for you. When you arrive, all you simply need to do is hang up your clothes. 

2. WHY SHOULD I RENT FURNITURE AS A STUDENT? Most U.S. apartments are not furnished. CORT can fill your new home with great-looking furniture. In addition, CORT can provide cookware for the kitchen, towels and linens, a TV and more. We handle the delivery and setup, and when the school year is up, we’ll come pick it up. 

3. DOES CORT OFFER SPECIAL PRICING FOR STUDENTS? Yes. CORT’s design team has put together several packages, specifically designed and priced for students. These packages are already pre-configured, you just choose the options (housewares, electronics) and we do the rest. To view our student packages, start here: http://www.cort.com/usanow 

4. DO I NEED TO PROVIDE A STUDENT ID? You need to provide proof you are a student to receive the pricing on the student packages. We will accept a copy of your student ID, a copy of your letter of acceptance from where you will be studying, indicating you will be a student, as well as an “.edu” email from you. If you are unable to provide proof that you are a student, there will be an increase in your monthly rental amount or a cancellation of your lease. 

5. WHAT IS THE MINIMUM LENGTH I CAN RENT FURNITURE FOR? You can rent furniture for as little as three (3) months. To take advantage of our special student packages, you must rent for a minimum of nine (9) months. 

6. CAN I CHOOSE THE DELIVERY DATE? Yes. As long as the date is available and scheduled 48 business hours in advance. During checkout you will be able to view and select delivery days that are available for your area. Once your order is complete, a CORT representative will call you to confirm delivery. 

7. WHAT IF I HAVE A ROOMMATE? CORT offers special student packages including the ability to add additional bedrooms for roommates. 

8. I AM MOVING TO THE U.S. AS A STUDENT. CAN I RENT FURNITURE? Yes. If you are moving to the U.S., CORT can help you locate an apartment and rent furniture. Please contact a CORT representative at 512.900.6904 outside the U.S. or 855.435.9133 within the U.S. for more information.

9. WILL OUR FURNITURE AND HOUSEWARES BE BRAND NEW? CORT guarantees delivery of all furniture and housewares to be in new or like-new condition. 

10. HOW QUICKLY CAN I RECEIVE THE FURNITURE ONCE I PLACE MY ORDER? CORT can typically deliver and set up your furniture in as little as 48 business hours (Monday-Friday). Need it even faster? We can arrange for that at an additional cost in most areas. Please contact a CORT representative at 512.900.6904 outside the U.S. or 855.435.9133 within the U.S. for more information. 

11. CAN CORT DELIVER MY FURNITURE TO A NEW LOCATION BEFORE I ARRIVE? Yes. CORT can deliver your furniture before you arrive to your new location. In order to make the delivery, CORT must have entry access (key release and permission to enter that you can arrange with your landlord) to the location. Once you place your order online, a CORT representative will telephone you to finalize delivery and arrange any special delivery requests. 

12. WHAT IS COVERED IN YOUR CUSTOMER PROTECTION (WAIVER) PROGRAM? CORT’s Customer Protection Program covers you from damage or loss from fire, flood or natural disaster. The Customer Protection Program does not cover damages or loss caused by theft, gross negligence, misuse or abuse. All online orders include the Customer Protection Program. 

13. WHEN MY LEASE EXPIRES, DO YOU AUTOMATICALLY PICK UP MY FURNITURE? No. You must call to schedule the pickup of your rental furniture. We recommend you call CORT to give your pick-up notice 15-30 days in advance. If you choose to keep your furniture for longer than the agreed-upon date, your lease will be extended on a month-by-month basis with no premium charge. 

14. WHAT IF I NEED TO END MY LEASE EARLIER THAN PLANNED? CORT can schedule an early pickup of your furniture if required. However, all furniture leases are legally binding contracts so you would be responsible for the remainder of the lease payments. Please contact a CORT representative at 512.900.6904 outside the U.S. or 855.435.9133 within the U.S. for more information. 

15. HOW DO I RENT ONLINE? CORT has many locations across the U.S. First you will need to enter the city or ZIP code for the location where the furniture will be delivered and indicate how long you need to rent your furniture. CORT offers several rental options in addition to the student packages: 

Move-In Ready: These packages are put together by CORT’s design experts. You choose the grade of furniture you require and we do the rest. 

Rent By the Room: Here you can easily add pre-configured Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom sets. 

Rent By the Piece: All of our available stock is showcased here and you can mix and match items for a truly customized home.


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