Tuan Tran Van from Vietnam: Studies English at Temple University in Philadelphia

Tuan Tran Van from Vietnam: Studies English at Temple University in Philadelphia


Tuan Tran Van, from Vietnam, is studying English at Temple University in Philadelphia. He can’t wait to apply his new English skills to his future career.

Why did you decide to study in America?

I chose the U.S.A. as my education destination because it is one of the biggest education centers in the world. I can also live independently from my parents and learn how to make my own choices.

How did you choose your intensive English program?

I heard it was a good school in Pennsylvania and I liked Philadelphia.

What do you like best about studying here?

I really like the teachers. They are very friendly. I ask a lot of questions and they always answer them for me. Also, the weekly trips with the IELP (Intensive English Language Program) are exciting and give me an opportunity to meet new friends and explore the city.

What do you miss most about home?

The three things I miss most are family dinners, my friends and my high school.

How has this program helped you to handle future study at a U.S. university?

I have been studying at Temple for eight months. My writing has improved a lot and I have learned many different writing styles. These skills will help me in the future because I want to be a businessman.

What was your biggest surprise about U.S. life and education?

The weather in Philadelphia is really strange. It’s a lot colder than Vietnam and very windy!

... your biggest disappointment?

I feel lonely sometimes. I miss my friends and family.

How have you handled: ...language differences?

I try to say hi to everyone and always practice English.


Tuition is expensive, but I think it’s good because an education will give me more opportunities.

...adjusting to a different educational system?

The education system is good. I like asking a lot of questions because it helps me to improve my skills.

What are your activities ?

I participate in different clubs on campus and go on trips every week around the city with IELP.

How easy or difficult is making friends in the U.S.A.?

On campus it is easy to make new friends with other Temple students.

How is your U.S. education relevant to your personal goals and to the needs of your country?

I want to study finance management. A U.S. education and learning English will help me in my job. I can put power behind my words.

What is your advice to other students from your country who are considering studying English in the U.S.A.?

Having an opportunity to study English in the U.S.A. is exciting and adventurous. You not only learn English, you learn about life.

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