Make University Credit Count with OpenCourseWare and Credit-by-Examination

Make University Credit Count with OpenCourseWare and Credit-by-Examination

What is OpenCourseWare?

OpenCourseWare (OCW) are self-study courses from hundreds of universities that are available to the public without charge via the Internet.

What is credit by examination?

Traditionally, credit-by-examination (CBE) is a process for ascertaining student knowledge and awarding credit for university-level subjects—regardless of how that knowledge was gained, by taking an exam. Examination scores are provided to your university of choice for evaluation. You could potentially receive advanced placement or credit.

CBE has been in existence for more than forty years and is becoming a popular option for students of all ages.

By using OCW to learn subject matter and credit-by-examination to demonstrate knowledge in a particular subject, you can save significant time and money while working toward a degree.

About OpenCourseWare

Online course material includes syllabi, written documents, audio and video lectures, lesson notes, reading lists, assignments and even exam papers. Many of the courses are available in a variety of languages.

Earning University Credit

Although OpenCourseWare allows students access to university-level courses from prominent institutions, work is not graded and the institutions do not award course credit or provide a degree or certification. Therefore, in order to earn academic credit, a student must take, and pass a test through a CBE program.

One lower-level CBE program, UExcel®, awards actual university credit. UExcel reports letter grades and credits earned by examination on an official transcript from Excelsior College, a distance education institution. Transcripts can then be sent to your college or university of choice.

The American Council on Education (ACE) College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and made university credit recommendations for all UExcel exams, which can be used for transfer credit at a university.

Use OpenCourseWare to study for a UExcel Exam

There are significant benefits to using OpenCourseWare to study for a UExcel Exam:

  1. You can choose the teaching styles that best help you learn, and then demonstrate your knowledge by taking the exam when you are ready.
  2. OpenCourseWare is offered free-of-charge to anyone with Internet access.
  3. There is no interruption to work schedules, as OCW is available anytime you have an opportunity to view or read course materials.
  4. You can interact with other learners studying the same course material by taking advantage of social networking opportunities.

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