Pablo Gentile, from Argentina, is studying English at the American Collegiate English (ACE) at Grossmont College in San Diego, California

Pablo Gentile, from Argentina, is studying English at the American Collegiate English (ACE) at Grossmont College in San Diego, California

October 27th, 2021

Why did you decide to study in the USA?

I decided to study in the US because of the opportunities for educational and professional growth that this country provides. Also, I am a tennis player who comes to the US and has the opportunity to continue playing the sport at a competitive level while pursuing a degree. These concepts are what motivated me to start my educational career in the US.

How did you choose the ACE Program at Grossmont College?

In the beginning, my English skills were very low, so I started to look for intensive English programs in the San Diego area. Fortunately, I found the ACE Program at Grossmont College which was not only located in a beautiful campus, but it was also a very diverse and inclusive space where you learn from high-quality professors. Also, interacting with international classmates would be an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

What did you like best about studying here?

In addition to learning a new language and noticing how my English skills were improving, meeting new people from different parts of the world was one of the things that I most highlighted during my experience at ACE.

What do you miss most about home?

I can say that family, friends, and food are the three things that I miss the most.

How long have you been studying here? How has this program helped you to handle future study at a U.S. university?

I will be graduating from Grossmont College in June; my advice is that every single international student should join the ACE Program before entering the college level. I think and believe that it is a key step that provides you with the necessary tools to be successful in the college courses. 

What was your biggest surprise about U.S. life and education?

Something that surprised me when I arrived in America was how polite and respectful people are. 

How have you handled language differences?

You have to be patient; the first weeks are not easy. However, with the help of the excellent staff at ACE, you will succeed and you will learn a lot.

... finances?

Finance was not a big issue for me since I received additional help by being recruited by the school in order to play tennis. Nevertheless, keep in mind that San Diego is not a cheap place to live.

... adjusting to a different educational system?

It was not an easy process to get adapted to the American educational system, especially being an international student who came to the US with very low English skills. However, I am very grateful to the ACE program and its professional and highly skilled staff because they were of huge help in order to improve my English skills. My today’s success could not be possible if I had not attended ACE. I would also like to highlight that one of the main differences between attending college in Argentina versus in the US, is that we do not have general education classes during the first semesters. Argentinian students begin their higher education with all the classes and subjects linked to their chosen major. If you are undecided about your major, I think that the American system is a really good fit for you. By taking diverse classes, you will be able to find what you are passionate about. 

What are your activities?

The international club always has fun plans and activities, such as trips to the city of Los Angeles, and bonfires at the beach. I am competing for Grossmont Men’s tennis team. In fact, you can take part in other sports, such as volleyball, football, and swimming. 

How easy or difficult is making friends in the USA?

It is not very difficult to make friends in the US; most of the people are very open and inclusive.

What are your career goals? How is your U.S. education relevant to your personal goals and to the needs of your country?

I really would like to achieve a master's degree in the business finance field. I think I will leave well-prepared and ready to help and improve different sectors that Argentina needs to address.

What is your advice to other students from your country who are considering studying English in the USA?

Coming to the US is a great opportunity. I absolutely recommend this experience to anyone who is thinking about it. It is a great country to project your life, especially in the San Diego area. It is safe, the people are nice, the city is beautiful, and the weather is really pleasant. 

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