3 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language with Native Speakers

3 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language with Native Speakers

When you make a decision to learn a foreign language, you can find yourself looking for a ‘all-in-one’ ultimate solution. An approach that will cover all of the language learning ins and outs. 

One of the things that might suit you is learning a language with native speakers. But is that really that beneficial? Let’s figure that out.

1. Learn correct pronunciation & improve your accent

First and foremost, when you learn a language with a native speaker — you hear how foreign words are pronounced correctly. Therefore, you will already have a boost from the start compared to those learning language with someone who is not native. 

Remember how English language sounds to foreigners when they’re taught by non-native people — the room for pronunciation mistakes is just too big.

Ever tried to learn Chinese? That’s a tough one. Everyone knows that every word in Chinese has a specific tone that affects the meaning of it. That’s the case when you just have no other choice other than practice language with native speakers.

Expert tip: It’s quite easy to learn native Chinese or English in 2020. You can find an online tutor at platforms like Preply and have a lesson whenever you’re ready.

2. Learn more about foreign culture

This is priceless. When you learn a foreign language with a native speaker, you not only dig into grammar or speaking, you dive deeper into the culture of his or her country. 

And that’s the context that you may need to understand and ‘feel’ that language better. Understanding a foreign culture is key to making your language learning not just productive, but fun and informative. 

With this baggage, you’ll be able to understand idioms and cultural references that a regular student will struggle with. It’s like being a tourist, but having a real local guiding you through the city’s hidden gems and go-to spots.

Expert tip: If your goal is to work abroad, you’ve got to make sure that you understand their culture. To make sure you’re ready, you can always try a short internship abroad to see whether you’re ready to move.

Moreover it is an advanced way for students to make money.

3. Prepare for the travel & see the world

Talk to native speakers, and you will be prepared for any international trip. Communicating with the locals, making sure that you understand the signs and restaurant menus — isn’t that a key to a safe and sound travel experience?

When you learn a language with a native speaker, you open yourself up to new travel opportunities. You can participate in volunteering programs around the world or simply pay a visit to the country you always dreamed of and leave that lame ‘tourist vocabulary’ at home.

Expert tip: Traveling itself provides you with a great boost in your spoken language improvement.

Summing things up

When it comes to complicated languages like Chinese, English, or German — learn them with a native speaker to achieve real results.

It allows you to work on your pronunciation, dive deeper into their culture and understand complicated references or idioms

Plus, it’s just a really fun way to learn. It’s a win-win. 

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