An Introduction to Online Education

An Introduction to Online Education

October 23rd, 2021

Many have found themselves wishing they could study in the USA, but their circumstances wouldn’t let them leave their family and work. Or getting their Visa and living in a new country was just too daunting, even if funds weren’t an issue. The dream of achieving a higher education in the US by way of textbooks and a professor lecturing face-to-face begins to feel as far away as the country itself.

If this has ever been you, don’t give up, you can still attain a college education! Most accredited universities and colleges in the USA have courses available online, but some run entirely on the internet and offer incredible benefits and opportunities for students pursuing an undergraduate degree- or even a graduate degree.


Online education has become an increasingly popular option for international and local students alike. Many online students have found that being in control of their own “class-time” and schedule is the number one reason they decided to take their education to the web. Online Education is for those who are highly self-motivated and possess excellent time-management skills, because balance is of the utmost importance.

Matt is a great example of maintaining that balance; he’s an undergraduate student studying for a Bachelor of Science, Secondary Mathematics Education Degree online at Western Governors University (WGU).

“Studying online at WGU provides me with the flexibility that traditional schools can’t match. I’ve been able to work full time and take final exams when I’m ready and able… I can study almost anytime it’s appropriate to have my laptop or cellphone out. And it’s purely a self-paced, competency system that allows you to push as fast and aggressively as you can handle.”

While Matt lives in Washington State, WGU’s main campus is located in Utah. He hopes to continue his master’s degree in Education after graduating from WGU and teaching for a few years. Even though he’ll earn his degree online, it still qualifies him for a Graduate degree like any other student who completes their degree on a physical campus.


Individuals like Matt are able to relocate without having to transfer schools or credits. Professionals looking to continue their education are able to remain dedicated to their jobs while adding value to their work performance. Single parents are able to stay home with their children, no longer having to coordinate with a babysitter or relative.

Jennifer, a previous attendee of The University of Phoenix back in the early 2000’s, was able to utilize online education for that exact reason:

“At the time, online education was quite relevant because it gave me the opportunity to not only have a job, but also tend to my household. It gave me the opportunity to be at home with my children, while studying, versus having to leave them to their own devices.”

Studying online allows students like Matt and Jennifer to be anywhere in the world- as long as they have internet!

For some International Students, leaving their home country can be incredibly difficult. Online degrees are convenient for International students who want or need to stay in their home country but wish to pursue higher education. With an online program, students can still receive a degree from a different country like the US, UK, or Australia- while never having to leave home; allowing them the freedom to study at any university or college they choose- at a fraction of the price!


When studying online, the cost of tuition drops significantly;

  • Students don’t have to pay room and board (to the school at least), campus fees or manage transportation costs,
  • International Students are able to avoid some of the limiting laws placed on them by the American Government (i.e. Labor Laws),
  • Single parents are able to save on babysitting costs, which can ultimately lead to saving for their own child’s future education,
  • Textbooks are generally cheaper in digital form,
  • There’s no temptation to go to sports games, go out to parties or raid the campus store for school sweatshirts or mugs!

In the end, you’ll be saving money for when you’re ready to actually visit the USA!

Online Degrees are a viable option for anyone too busy for the traditional classroom setting, and you could still attend your favorite United States university or college! Many of those same institutions will have surveys available to help determine if an online program is right for you.

Interested in a Study in the USA online program? Check out EC-Council University for more in depth information on how you can Study from the USA!

Written by

Zya Rizor

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