Don’t Head To Campus Without These 16 Things

Don’t Head To Campus Without These 16 Things

October 1st, 2019

If you’ve ever been stranded on campus without your wallet or an umbrella, you know how inconvenient that can be. You wake up in the morning thinking you don’t have a thing to worry about, when in reality, it’s going to pour down rain between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when classes are in full swing (and you have a pretty long walk).

To save yourself from embarrassment or from being uncomfortable, here are 16 things you should always have with you while on campus.

1. Chargers

Laptop. Phone. Tablet. Any charger you could possibly need should be with you on campus. Nothing is worse than walking into class feeling prepared and having a dead laptop. 

2. Spare outfit/Shoes

This might not seem that important until you have an important meeting and you’ve spilled coffee all down your shirt. Or until you step in a giant puddle and soak your shoes. You definitely want to save yourself from blisters and bleeding feet.

3. Day planner

How will you plan anything or keep track of assignments if you don’t have your day planner (or agenda) with you? Make sure you have your planner before you leave your house or dorm room.

4. An extra set of pens

Taking notes with a pen that’s low on ink is the worst. If you’re like me, you have a favorite pen. I always keep a spare in the zipper of my purse. Of course, I have a million other pens I could use. But if I’m really needing to feel fancy and write something important, I want to make sure I have the right pen to do so.

5. Deodorant

Keeping extra deodorant in your bag will be your saving grace — especially in the summer or if you go to school in a warm climate.

6. Gum/Floss/Travel toothbrush

You don’t want to walk around all day with your breath smelling like your first cup of coffee in the morning or with your lunch stuck in your teeth. If you keep some oral health essentials with you at all times, you’ll be a lot more confident in your smile.

7. Snack(s)

If you’re someone who needs something to eat every few hours, take a snack with you to campus! It’ll be easier to appease a grumbling tummy with a pack of crackers or an apple from your bag than to track down a snack-filled vending machine.

8. Headphones

When you’re trying to have a really good study session but that girl behind you won’t stop giggling, you’re going to wish you had some headphones to drown her out. Your walks to class will be more enjoyable as well.

9. Wallet (including your student ID)

You never know when you’re going to need your wallet for some reason on campus. I always have mine with me in case I need to walk off campus for food. It’s also important that I have my student ID in case I need to check something out from the library or use the printer.

10. Spare notebook/paper

I always have an extra notebook and paper with me. If I ever need to leave someone a note or write down something important, I’ve got it covered.

11. Water bottle

When you hike up that hill, you’re going to wish you had something to swig. You’ll appreciate having a water bottle with you at least once a day. Just make sure you wash it out every now and then.

12. Hand sanitizer

Walking around campus means opening doors, grabbing handrails and touching other people … Ick! You never want to sit down to eat something (even a snack) without squirting some hand sanitizer on your palms beforehand. Channel your “inner mom” and pull out the sanitizing wet-wipes to wipe down your table as well. It’s always flu season on campus!

13. Sticky notes

In case you need to remember something really important, carry some sticky notes around for quick reminders. I do this all the time. If my day planner has a sticky note on top, I’m sure to pay attention to it.

14. Hat/Hair accessories

When I used to have long hair, I always made sure I had a hair band on my wrist or a hat for hot days. 

15. Ibuprofen

I’m not suggesting you carry around a large bottle of medicine, but having some emergency headache pills will keep you from skipping class on those days when there’s an annoying pounding in your head.

16. An umbrella (even if it isn’t supposed to rain)

You can’t always trust the forecast. I’ve been caught on campus in a rainstorm MULTIPLE times without an umbrella.

Written by

Lorena Roberts

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