Spend a Summer in New York City!

Spend a Summer in New York City!

Since 1961, ELS has helped more than 1.2 million students learn English and grow as global citizens and future leaders. Each student has their own life and story, but last year we had the pleasure of hosting two with a very special one.

Maria Elizabeth originally came from Brazil to our Juilliard location in 2002. Sixteen years later, in 2018, she was able to return to our summer program in New York City and share the experience with her daughter, Maria Julia.

“My mother enjoyed her experience with ELS Juilliard program much more this time because of everything the package included especially the activities and staff that help guide us.” Maria Julia says. “When she attended many years ago, the program did not include activities and it was a lot for her to learn NYC on her own . . . being able to attend with me, her daughter, and stay in the dormitory together was a special unique experience.”

Through ELS’ all inclusive Summer in New York City program, students have the opportunity to live in the heart of Lincoln Center in the Juilliard residence, experience New York City culture first-hand, and visit some of the top tourist attractions while practicing English in their daily classes.

“I always heard a lot about NYC and see it in movies and everything.” Maria Julia adds. “I know some English from my school, but I wanted to improve by coming to the USA. We felt comfortable coming to a school like ELS because she attended ELS many years ago so my mother knows herself [from experience that it] is a good school in the USA.”

Ideal for those aged 17 and over, this short-term program will allow students to live an American experience while feeling safe and secure under the guidance of our trained ELS staff.

“It was very exciting arriving at JFK airport and a great feeling to see the ELS staff was there to receive us. It was comforting to know we had someone to guide us about everything, how to order food in the cafeteria, how to get around in the Lincoln Center and in the surrounding area around the Juilliard School. Thank you ELS for making our Summer unforgettable!”

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