5 Benefits of a Campus Job

5 Benefits of a Campus Job

Working on campus is a great opportunity for college students to get some extra pocket money or to start saving up to pay off loans. At most universities, there is a multitude of on-campus jobs that require little to no experience. Many are available to international students. Working in the library, in the dining hall, or in an administrative office can give you valuable experience about what it means to work a job before you are launched into the “real” job market.

On-campus jobs are perfect for students with busy lives. If you’re on the fence about getting one, here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider it.

1. Flexibility

Because on-campus jobs are part of the university, bosses are more understanding of academic conflicts. You are able to choose your hours each semester based on your academic schedule rather than your manager trying to work out your hours each week. It provides stability that won’t interfere with your studies and flexibility to adjust to academic conflicts. On-campus jobs are much more forgiving if you have to miss a shift to cram for an exam.

Some on-campus jobs will even allow you to study and do homework on the job (depending on the job and if your manager is OK with it).

2. Convenience

The convenience of an on-campus job is unmatched. Having your job right by your dorm is something you don’t even realize will be useful until you don’t have it anymore. Having your home, job, and school all in the same area cuts down on commute time and transportation costs. It’s really the best situation that you can get.

Working on campus also means you are more engaged in your school. You are an active participant in the inner workings of the university, not just a student. It’s a great way to meet other students that you wouldn’t normally meet in your classes or clubs. It’s also a great way to connect with administration members who can provide awesome opportunities to learn about how your university runs.

3. Experience

Like any job, an on-campus job is another position to add to your resume. It shows that you are able to balance work and academics, which is always a plus for employers. By having an on-campus job you are showing interest in your university and a willingness to put effort into your school.

Working your on-campus job probably won’t directly relate to what you want to do after graduation, but you will still get valuable experience about what it means to be employed. If you excel at your job, your bosses will be happy to help you with references for future jobs.

4. Money

This is an obvious one, but having an on-campus job means MONEY. And who doesn’t want some extra money? By having an on-campus job, you can crawl your way out of the poor college student stereotype and treat yourself to something special every once in a while or put your money away in savings. Either way, having a steady income is extremely helpful and will make you feel more secure in your financials.

On-campus jobs are great first jobs and can help teach you about budgeting your income and how to handle your money wisely.

Many schools offer a work-study program, which is a need-based program that allows students to work off their college tuition. This is an awesome way to gain experience while paying off college at the same time. If you think that you could qualify for the work-study program at your school, strongly consider applying. Work-study payment comes either in the form of a paycheck or a direct deposit toward your tuition. Check out the specifics of your university’s work-study qualifications and payments before applying.

5. Real-world Values

On-campus jobs are perfect practice for a “real world” job. On-campus jobs are somewhat of a hybrid between being a student and being a full-time employee of an organization. This puts on-campus jobs in a unique position as an in-between step. In some ways, these jobs can be a training ground for a post-graduation job. An on-campus job will teach you how to take instruction, effectively communicate with your employer, connect with coworkers, address clients, and multitask. These are all essential skills that you will be grateful for when you enter the job market.

An on-campus job is a great way to build up your resume, make some money and gain real-world experience. Make the most of your on-campus job. Don’t slack off just because your boss is flexible or you can easily blame an absence on class. Work hard and you will reap the benefits that an on-campus job can supply.








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By Allie Caton from uloop.com, Online Marketplace for College Life

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