Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation

Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation

When the long nights spent studying are over and all your finals are complete, it’s time to enjoy your summer vacation. Without class, homework or papers, you’ll have plenty of time to do whatever you want, but when the lack of structure for each day grows old, you may wish for a to-do list to help occupy your time. Summer break can be the perfect time to help get prepared for your next academic year and have a little fun! Use these tips to make the most of your summer vacation.

Travel: If you’re staying in the United States during your summer vacation, take the opportunity to travel. Whether you’re looking for a big city adventure or a relaxing beach retreat, the United States has many amazing cities to explore. A road trip with friends or a quick cross-country flight can take you to places you’ve never been before and leave you with lasting memories and a new favorite getaway.

Find Your New Home: If you haven’t finalized your living situation for the upcoming year, the summer is a great time to sit down and search off-campus options near your university. When searching for a place to live, many students rely on This website helps students search for an apartment based on distance from campus, while also showing the cost of living, local restaurants, the length of your commute and more. If your apartment is unfurnished, furniture rental is an economical and convenient way to furnish your home. CORT, the leading provider of furniture rental in the U.S., furnishes thousands of student apartments with everything from beds and sofas to housewares and electronics – all with affordable rental package options.

Dream Big: During the academic year, it can be hard to see the big picture and remember why you are working so hard in all your classes. The summer is a good time for you to think about the future and research your dream job. Start looking into companies that you would like to work for and what skills, qualities, certifications or experience they look for in entry-level candidates. Follow them on social media and read through the articles they share. Scan the company’s blog to find out what is important and relevant to employees. Using your free time to better understand the mindset of your future employer can help you stay focused when classes begin again and remind you of how you’ll use your knowledge and skills after graduation.

Explore Your Backyard: If you’re planning on staying near campus all summer, make a point to explore the city your university is in. Larger cities, like New York, Boston and Chicago have endless activities to entertain you throughout your summer break, but even small towns and rural campuses have hidden gems for you to discover. Try a new coffee shop or restaurant. Take a stroll through a new area of town or talk to a local and ask them where their favorite spot is for a new take on the place you already live.

If you’re staying in the United States for your summer vacation, the opportunities are endless. Make the most of your summer break by balancing your preparations for the year ahead and enjoying the moment.

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Rob Johnson is an experienced international traveler and Director of Higher Education Sales at CORT Furniture Rental, where he works directly with students and higher education institutions.

Finding the perfect apartment is no easy task, but with a little time and effort, it can be manageable. Keep these tips in mind to make your transition as a U.S. student as seamless as possible! For more information on CORT’s furniture rental solutions, please visit

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