Study Business in Canada

Study Business in Canada

We’ve established why, over recent years, more and more international students favor Canada as a destination for their future studies. According to StudyPortals, there are popular programs in areas such as environmental science, social sciences, engineering and technology, medicine, and even arts. However, the most popular program, especially among international students, is business.

Schools in Canada states that over 20 percent of international students currently in Canada study business. There are of course numerous branches to choose from within business: accounting, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, finance, and different areas of management, just to name a few.

StudyPortals even says that “business students can combine academic terms with an internship or work experience in the field.” Though this may vary for specific programs, it remains true that pursuing this type of education in Canada is also beneficial because of the multicultural environment and the commonly international faculty. Professors that come from abroad can help international students even more as they learn not just in a different culture, but through different approaches to social and economic issues. It supports the idea of studying business from a more global perspective.

Different media outlets present their own versions of the Top Business Programs in Canada, but most agree on the following three:

- University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management

“At Rotman, our goal is to provide you with a learning experience that will transform your life and dramatically expand your potential. Whatever program you choose, you gain the knowledge and skills you need to drive positive change in a quickly-changing world.”

Rotman offers programs for undergraduate, graduate, and even joint degrees. For the Bachelor of Commerce the curriculum is made so that students can combine commerce with classes in arts and sciences if they wish to do so. The MBA can be achieved full-time or part-time, morning or evening, and there’s also the option of the executive MBA in one year. Rotman also offers other Master’s as well as Ph.D. options.

Another detail that makes Rotman and the University of Toronto stand out, in their words, is its location. Their campus is right in the heart of downtown Toronto, “steps from the country’s dynamic commercial and financial hub.” Even when classes are done, students can experience life in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Nearly half of Toronto’s population comes from different countries.

- University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business

“Dedicated to rigorous and relevant teaching, our programs generate business leaders who drive change and shape industries and organizations around the world. UBC Sauder is committed to being an international leader in the creation and application of business knowledge, and to promoting lifelong success for our students and alumni.”

UBC Sauder emphasizes a balance between theory and practical education, business fundamentals, and critical thinking. Not only is this a leading research-based business school, but said research is internationally recognized. For those curious about the faculty, 77 percent is from countries other than Canada. Currently, there are 24 represented countries.

Vancouver, the city that UBC is located in, is often ranked as one of the most livable cities by The Economist Intelligence Unit. UBC also states it “capitalizes on its strong ties to the business community of its leading Pacific Rim city to provide an unrivaled global business perspective.”

Another interesting program UBC Sauder offers is the UBC IMBA in Shanghai. This is a 20-month part-time graduate program offered in partnership with the Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This includes “a planned trip to Vancouver and global corporate learning experience” while maintaining life/career in China.

- University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business

“As the first and longest continually accredited business school in Canada, the Alberta School of Business embodies the spirit of risk-taking and hard work that defines our province. For over 100 years, the innovation, entrepreneurialism and leadership of the School’s alumni have strengthened businesses and communities across the globe.”

Alberta School of Business offers a Bachelor of Commerce through sixteen different majors as well as options for a bilingual degree, honors, and cooperative learning. At Alberta, even Study Permit students are eligible for the co-op program after finishing their second year of study in Business. This “cooperative learning” basically consists of alternating periods of study with paid internships in “cooperating employer organizations.” For Graduate school, Alberta offers MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Accounting, Master of Financial Management, and Ph.D.

Something that makes Alberta School of Business special is their attention and focus on entrepreneurship. On their website, students can find information on eHub, the University of Alberta’s entrepreneurship center. This is an amazing resource for students who want to put words into actions and see their ideas turn into real ventures. It’s an entrepreneurial community with plenty of opportunities for networking, funding, and growth.

Students may also benefit from looking at the business programs of some other schools mentioned in these rankings, including:

-        York University

-        Western University

-        McGill University

-        Queen’s University

-        University of Montreal

But remember, even the rankings won’t tell you what is the best for you, so research as many programs as you can to find the perfect fit!

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