Tips to Make Your Space Eco-Friendly

Tips to Make Your Space Eco-Friendly

Making your apartment feel like home is more than getting all your clothes in your closet. If sustainability is important to you, making your new home more eco-friendly is an easy way to make you feel at ease in your space. Setting up an apartment that reduces your carbon footprint is easier than you might think! Get started with these tips as you make your space a little greener: 


This feels obvious, but recycling is an easy step you can take to make what you’ve already used useful again. If you don’t know where your closest recycling center is, check with your landlord or leasing office. Different recycling centers accept different materials, so make sure you know what you can recycle and where you can bring it. Designating a separate bin in your home for recycling can help avoid excessive trips to the recycling center and can remind you to think twice before you put something in the trash. Tuck the bin next to your regular trash can so it’s out of the way, but still on your mind as you go about your day. 


When furnishing your new space, consider alternatives to retail. Furniture rental can be a great, eco-friendly option to ensure your apartment has the proper furniture while also having an impact on the environment. You can rent packages with pre-selected furnishings or choose your own pieces. Either way, furniture rental gives you the flexibility to choose the ideal furniture without the stress, hassle and cost of buying your own furniture, and allows you to feel good about furniture with more than one life.  

Make it Green

Think about the products you buy and where they come from.  When purchasing pillows, blankets and rugs, think organic. Instead of synthetic blends, opt for natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, and wool. Using organic linens contributes to sustainable agricultural practices, and you can feel comfortable knowing you aren’t bringing the effects of pesticides or toxins into your home. For furniture, materials like glass and bamboo are surprisingly durable and better for the environment. 

Grow Your Own

You don’t need a full garden to grow your own plants. Any sort of windowsill with plentiful sunlight is the perfect space to start growing a little greenery inside. Whether you choose to grow herbs that you can use in your cooking, or just place houseplants around, bringing plants inside is proven to make you feel better and improve the air quality in your space. 

Use these easy, eco-friendly tips to make your space feel comfortable and inviting. Small changes all over your apartment can add to your green lifestyle.   


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Rob Johnson is an experienced international traveler and Director of Higher Education Sales at Furniture Rental CORT, where he works directly with students and higher education institutions.


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