The difference between US & Canadian universities

The difference between US & Canadian universities

Are you one of the students planning to pursue higher studies in the U.S or Canada? Before you apply for admission, try to know everything about Canada and USA universities. You might cherish the dream of studying in the world’s top universities. However, before you decide to enrol in a university, you should know everything about the rules and regulations that you have to follow during your academic years.

According to government reports, 53% of the Canadian and the U.S universities have students who have migrated from Asia or Australia. Australian universities also witness a good number of relocated students. Despite university life in Canada and the U.S being a lot different, students prefer to migrate to these nations. 

With the two nations sharing a border, a language and many aspects in common, you might be wondering about the difference in university life. Read on to know the differences in university life between Canada and the U.S. 

5 differences between the universities of the US and Canada

1. Academic institutions and accrediting body:In the USA, you will find multiple universities that are privately owned. Leading universities like Harvard, MIT or Stanford are privately financed entities. Before you want to make it in the USA, you need to know the details about the accrediting body. In Canada, most of the institutions are state-owned and publicly funded. Therefore, the course fee and other charges are more affordable. 

2. Intricacies of the application process:The application process is not a difficult one when it comes to the USA universities. Here, you need to write an application essay and submit it with the institution. The application essay is like a personal essay where you need to define your ambition, career choices, expertise, and areas of passion. You also need to explain why you aim to get admission in a specific institution. Similarly, In Canada, you need to submit your upper-level education grades to get shortlisted. When it comes to the universities of Canada, you do not have to write the admission essay if you are not shortlisted according to your grades. This is a simpler process than the one followed by the American institutions. 

3. Availability of various courses:In America, the number of courses and their variation is high.  The USA offers a four-year degree course in multiple subjects starting from Programming to Nursing. Apart from that, there are different diploma courses in Photography, Cooking, etc. that students can pursue along with the degree course. In Canada, there are other courses for 3 years of bachelor’s degree. In these courses, the degrees ate certified without honours. In the post-graduation level, the institutions of Canada offer Associate’s degrees that are one or two-year programs. These can be extended to full bachelor status according to the desire of the student.

4. Affordability of course fee:In America, there is segregation in the course fee for native students and migrated students. If you are a native student, then the course fee is cheaper for you. However, if you relocate to the US from any Asian or Australian university, then the course fee will be quite expensive. If you choose to study in Canada, the scenario will be completely different. The course fee is the same for every student. The country does not believe in the concept of ‘out of province student.’  The average tuition fee in the USA is higher than that of Canada. 

5. Difference in the cost of living:  Richard Watson, an expert of Allessaywriter states “In America, it is problematic for the students to afford the expenses. Therefore, most of them tend to go for part-time jobs to support themselves.”  This statement is true because students doing part-time jobs in America is a rather common scenario. In Canada, the expenses are affordable with no extra charge for the migrated students. Therefore, the ratio of resettled students is higher. Migrated students residing in America are not entitled to government funds. If you are not a native of Canada, you will find that the cost of living is lower in comparison to the USA. You can receive government aid for scholarship and make the most of other funding options while in Canada. 

These were the primary differences between the universities located in Canada and the US. Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for either of the universities in both the nations and build an excellent career. 

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