How to Host an American Thanksgiving

How to Host an American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a national holiday and American tradition where families and loved ones gather on the third Thursday in November to spend time together, give thanks and share a meal. During the holiday, universities typically close the campus and grant students a long weekend so they can be with their families. Though there are many similar holidays celebrated around the world, American Thanksgiving has some specific traditions that can be fun to try while you are in the United States. This year, invite all your international friends for a new experience and use these tips to throw a truly American Thanksgiving celebration in your apartment.

Plan Your Feast

Thanksgiving is all about the food, so plan out your menu carefully and make sure you have all the cooking equipment you need. A few days before Thanksgiving, decide what traditional American Thanksgiving foods you’ll treat your friends to, and make sure you have enough room to prepare the meal in your apartment. Head to the grocery store in advance so you have plenty of time to find what you’re looking for. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of cooking and realize you don’t have what you need to complete a recipe. You can even put your own culture’s spin on an American dish for a fun blend of flavors and traditions.

Clean Your Apartment

Inviting all your friends for a Thanksgiving celebration means your apartment may feel a little cramped. A good way to prepare for your guests is by cleaning up your apartment and putting away anything that could limit your space. The day before Thanksgiving, throw away loose trash, vacuum the floors, clean the kitchen and living spaces, and make sure all rooms look tidy and ready for your friends.

Add Fall Flair

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to make your apartment feel festive and create an inviting environment. New throw pillows for your seating areas can create warmth and add a pop of seasonal color. Decorate your table with nuts and pinecones to add texture and color to your holiday table and add a fall-themed wreath to your door to welcome guests. Lastly, scatter battery-operated candles throughout your space to create a warm ambience, while not having to worry about melting wax.

Thanksgiving is a fun way to gather your friends and try a classic American tradition for yourself. Invite one or two close friends to cook with you and share the joy of making your dinner together or watching American football after your Thanksgiving meal. No matter how traditional your Thanksgiving Day is, these tips can help you host a successful gathering of your friends and celebrate the holiday.

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