What is distance education by computer?

What is distance education by computer?

There are many courses and online university programs available via computer, and this is a growing trend in higher education

I am wondering if it would be possible to attend a U.S. university via the computer. I live in another country, and would be unable to move.

Answer: The type of education to which you refer is a form of what is called "distance education." There are many possibilities for such study in the States. A point to keep in mind: not all regionally accredited schools offer distance-learning or online degree programs. Be careful to determine the accreditation of schools that interest you; a school with non-regional accreditation may not give you what you are looking for in terms of degree recognition. Be especially careful about programs that offer credit for "life experience" or similar credit recognition.

You will find that there are many courses available online, and this is a growing trend in higher education. However, most accredited distance-learning degree programs require at least some period of campus residence. Many of the American universities and colleges that have links to this site offer some courses by distance-learning and are worth checking out.

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