Imagine a new career where you ask your client to push back in a recliner chair, close their eyes and shift their focus completely to your voice. As you begin to speak all the noises and sounds around them become unimportant. As you speak every word begins to trigger instant responses from their mind and body as you guide them further and further into a state of pin-point attention. You tell them their breathing will begin to grow deeper. It instantly does. You let them know that their lips and throat will become dry. They swallow. You ask them to acknowledge the moment they feel their eyes gently tugging as they begin to roll upward. Dramatically, their eyes begin rolling up, lifting their lids slightly and exposing a small white section. Your voice, now directly connected to their autonomic nervous system, triggers with every word, physical and emotional responses that normally fall outside is their conscious control. You and your client have now begun a subconscious journey. 

What profession is this you ask? Why you’re a Certified Hypnotherapist of course. As a graduate of an accredited training program, you have learned the specialized skill of using hypnosis to help people to get their autonomic nervous systems working for them instead of against them. What do your clients want? They want to be able to speak in front of a group without their palms sweating, their heart pounding or that sick feeling of anxiety rushing through their body. They want to be able to walk into singles bar and ask someone to dance. They want your help letting go of unwanted emotions like jealousy, feelings of “less than,” or “not a part of.” They want to be able to focus and remain calm, even while the stress of their environment escalates higher. They want to stop smoking, lose weight, and generally feel more in control over their bodies and emotions, so they can feel more motivated, more successful, happier and healthier. In short, they want your service.

If such an experience interests you, then perhaps you should contact the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, HMI, a nationally accredited college of Hypnotherapy that transforms caring people into Certified Hypnotherapists. HMI’s college offers evening classes and a Clinical Internship that allows students to continue to work full time in their “traditional” jobs, while starting a private practice helping others. 

So, are you a naturally caring person and ready for a new and rewarding career change? Are you ready to come to Los Angeles, USA for one year to study and learn near Malibu, Hollywood, Santa Monica and more? Maybe it’s time for you to get motivated to start motivating others as a Hypnotherapist!    

George John Kappas, M.A., M.F.T. is the Director of Behavioral Science Centers and its college/clinic, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI). 

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