Five Affordable Cities to Study and Live In

Five Affordable Cities to Study and Live In

Pursuing education in the United States opens up many opportunities for international students. International students can receive high quality education in the USA, in addition to experiencing American culture. One of the struggles many international students face when deciding where to study is the affordability of the city and the surrounding schools. Studying in the USA does not have to be expensive. There are many affordable cities and schools. Here are five affordable cities to study and live in:

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City remains one of the more affordable cities to purchase a house with only 26.49 percent of resident’s income being spent on living expense. With the median home price of $149,646, it is a great city for international students to study in. The cost of living is 15.5 percent below the national average. Whether you are looking for English Language Programs or seeking a degree, Oklahoma City has a lot to offer. Check out The Language Company and Oklahoma State University for affordable options to learn English or degree programs.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the capital of the state of Indiana in the midwest. It’s well known for the Indy 500 race but also for its affordability. The average cost of rent ranges from $775-$904. In addition, residents spend only 25.24 percent of their income on living expenses. The cost of living is also 16.2 percent below the national average making it affordable for students.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City and surrounding areas remain quite affordable with residents only spending 25.78 percent of their income on housing, utilities, and other household utilities. For outdoor adventurers, Utah is a great place for winter sports and hiking. Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas has affordable universities such as Utah State University, University of Utah, and Snow College.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines has one of the lowest percentages of income spent on living expenses out of 100 largest metro areas in the USA. Residents spend 23.8 percent of their household income on living expenses. In addition, the median rent ranges from $700-$900 a month. With a booming economy, Des Moines is an ideal city for international students to study and experience American culture.

Buffalo, New York

Located in upstate New York, the city of Buffalo provides international students quality education in an affordable city. Residents spend 25.54 percent of their household income on housing and utilities.  In addition, the average cost of rent ranges from $675-$805, whereas in New York city the average is $2,750. International students will not only be able to experience American culture in Buffalo but they’re only minutes from Canada. Buffalo and the surrounding area has affordable education such as State University of New York Buffalo and Genesee Community College.






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