Learning English While On Vacation in the Southern United States!

Learning English While On Vacation in the Southern United States!

Taking a vacation to the United States is an endless adventure! There is so much to see and do, but why not take advantage of your time in the USA to improve your English? Intensive English Programs (IEP) are short term programs to help you learn or improve your English. IEP’s are offered all across the country, but if you’re visiting friends or family in the South, here are some great programs to consider while you’re on vacation:

University of Arkansas Little Rock

University of Arkansas Little Rock’s Intensive English Language Program (IELP) provides students with English courses focused on academic preparation for college and university level English. The IELP is designed to fit all levels of learners. Classes are offered three times during the year: fall, spring and summer semesters. All classes are multi-skill based with reading, writing, speaking, listening, culture, grammar and pronunciation.

Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola University New Orleans’ Loyola Intensive English Program (LIEP) offers intermediate and advanced English courses for students looking to improve their English in an academic setting. The LIEP is offered three times a year during the fall, spring and summer semesters. During the summer, students have the choice of attending for four weeks or eight weeks. During the fall and spring semesters students can choose to attend for 8 weeks or 15 weeks. Classes are small in size and students receive 20 hours of instruction per week. In addition, students have the opportunity to take the TOEFL at no extra charge.

Study Georgia

Study Georgia is a group of intensive English language programs operated by reputable universities located across the state of Georgia. These include Emory University, Georgia College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Southern University, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University and many more. Each of these programs offer a variety of intensive English language courses.

The Language Company

The Language Company is an educational institution that solely focuses on helping students learn English as a second language. They are located all across the USA. They have locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and more. They provide four-week sessions, for all levels of learners, that are offered 13 times a year with the option of part-time study as well. Classes are kept small with the average class size of 10 students. Once students have reached advanced levels, students have the option to choose extra core classes such as American Culture, Film and Novel Review, Debate, Slaves and Suffragettes, American History and more.

International English Institute

International English Institute (IEI) focuses on helping advance student’s English for personal, professional or academic reasons. They are located in Nashville, Tennessee. The courses are divided into six levels, beginner through advanced. Sessions are approximately six weeks long and meet five times. Students interested in advancing their English for academic purposes have free access to individual counseling and assistance with preparation for academic success in advancing their reading, lecture-note-taking, writing (including research papers), and classroom discussions. In addition, IEI plans various activities for students through the term such as social events, field trips to surrounding cities, and soccer matches.

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