Colleges & Universities That Offer Scholarships to International Students - Part Two: Illinois

Colleges & Universities That Offer Scholarships to International Students - Part Two: Illinois

Finding the money to attend college or university can be quite a struggle, especially for international students. That’s why it is by far one of the most popular questions on where can I find scholarships for international students? We will be answering that popular question every week by posting schools that offer scholarships to international students.

University of Illinois, Springfield

University of Illinois, Springfield (UIS) offers multiple scholarships for international students. The International Merit Student Awards provides students with scholarships based on their GPA. The higher the GPA, the higher the award. Students who are eligible can receive up to $4,000 per year. In addition, the university provides resources for students to search for scholarships outside the school’s network. For more information on scholarships at University of Illinois, Springfield, click here.

Lewis University

Lewis University offers scholarships only to international undergraduate students. International students can receive scholarships up to $5,500 per year based on student’s grades and academic records. Students interested in athletics, can inquire with the athletics department regarding athletic scholarships. For more information about scholarships at Lewis University, click here.

North Central College

North Central College provides international students with the opportunity to apply for a substantial scholarship. The International Scholarships is offered only to international freshman students and ranges up to $20,000 a year and is available for four academic years. Scholarships for international transfer students are also available as well. In addition, students who complete the advanced level at the English Language Institute (ELI) at North Central College are also eligible for an ELI Scholar Award for an undergraduate degree at North Central College. For more information on scholarships at North Central College, click here.

University of St. Francis

University of St. Francis offers scholarships specifically for international students. Scholarships are categorized based on whether you are an incoming freshman or transfer student. In order to be eligible for scholarships as an incoming freshman, students need to have a SAT or ACT score. Students who are eligible may receive up to $15,000 in scholarships. For more information about scholarships at University of St. Francis, click here.

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges consists of Frontier Community College, Lincoln Trail College, Olney Central College, and Wabash Valley College. Scholarships vary from school to school but each school provides support for international students seeking financial aid. For more information on scholarships at Illinois Eastern Community College, click here.

University of Illinois at Chicago

The Office of Special Scholarships Programs (OSSP) offers international students a variety of resources and support for finding scholarships. The office focuses on a list of national awards available to students, in addition to smaller awards. They also help students with their written materials for scholarships applications, like personal statements, project outlines, resumes and more. Students are encouraged to sign up for their email list, which lists new scholarships that are available. For more information about scholarships at University of Illinois at Chicago, click here.

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