Where Can I Study English in Washington, D.C.?

Where Can I Study English in Washington, D.C.?

Washington, D.C., often just called D.C., is the capital of the United States of America. D.C. is the home to all things politics and law. The beautiful White House and Supreme Court reside in D.C. In addition to politics and law, the city is filled with incredible museums about everything from outerspace to African art. It is a great city for international students due to its diversity and an excellent city to learn English. Below are three highlighted schools to learn English in Washington, D.C.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University’s English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Program provides students with full-time, year-round English courses with a focus on bridging learning with academic courses. The EFL Program focuses on listening, writing, reading, speaking and the ability to communicate in culturally appropriate ways. In addition to their regular EFL Program, they also offer short courses during the winter and summer, and a certificate program in Business Administration and Professional English.

American University

The English Language and Training Academy (ELTA) at American University offers English courses from beginners to advance. They provide four different levels in their intensive English courses and offer 20 hours of instruction per week. The program includes guest lectures, workshops, conversation partners with American University students and day trips to various sites in Washington, DC.

For a full list of schools in or near the Washington, D.C area, click here.

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