Should I Tour Colleges and Universities Before Applying?

Should I Tour Colleges and Universities Before Applying?

By Brianna Burrows

Deciding which schools to apply to can be a long and strenuous process for some students, while others might find it easier. For some students the decision for which school they should apply to is a difficult process, and for many international students an even more difficult decision. Some international students may wonder if they should tour colleges and universities before applying?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but it is encouraged that students visit their prospective schools before applying and at the very least before enrolling. By taking a tour of the colleges and universities that interest you you’ll have a greater understanding of what life will be like as a student there. You’ll understand the geography of the campus, the town or city the schools resides in, the resources available, the community, and whether you feel the school will be an appropriate choice for you.

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that touring college and universities can be very expensive. When you add up the cost of flights, accommodations, meals, and other miscellaneous costs, touring colleges and universities can set you back a couple thousand dollars. In order to reduce the cost of touring colleges and universities, it is strongly recommended to visit no more than 3-5 colleges and universities, depending on the location.

Another alternative is to take a virtual tour of the colleges or universities. YouVisit offers hundreds of virtual tours of colleges and universities across the USA. Even if you can’t physically take a tour, a virtual tour is an excellent way to see the school without being there.

While each student’s circumstances are different, it is recommended to visit or view a virtual tour, of the schools you are interested in attending, either before applying or once you have been accepted. It is up to each student to decide what is best for their education and personal situation.   

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Brianna Burrows is a freelance marketing specialist and alumna of Northeastern University. She specializes in event management, social media management, and content branding. Follow her on Twitter here

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