Jump Start Your Study Abroad With Education Advising!

Jump Start Your Study Abroad With Education Advising!

By Charles Varghese

Leaving your home country to study abroad can be complicated — especially when you don’t know which U.S. school you want to go to or how to get into an American college. There is a lot to consider; getting your application in order, scholarship programs, financial aid, which classes to take to graduate, and more!

Study in the USA is dedicated to helping students all over the world get the education they deserve. We’d love to walk beside you in guiding you through this journey as you make your way to the USA. Register for a free session with one of our counselors! Our counselors will help you:

  • Determine how to find the right university for you
  • Make sure your application documents are in order
  • Make sure you’re eligible for a Visa
  • Make sure your financial support will enable your application
  • Offer suggestions on scholarships that might be available

Why should you work with an advisor?

Navigating through the application process as an international student can be a challenging and stressful time. Having application counseling can help reduce some of that stress and provide a level of structure that you may not otherwise have had. 

Our education advising at Study in the USA will be built around your unique needs as we understand that not everyone is coming from a similar background. Taking care of each student individually, we will be working in your best interest to set you up for success while you study in America and beyond.

Finding the Right University For You

With an endless number of opportunities available in the United States, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down your prospects to a single university. Our advisors will be able to aid you in developing criteria unique to your own preferences and finding a university that can meet your financial, social, and living needs. A few criteria to consider include:

1. Location

Would you like to spend your free time studying near the water and local beaches of California? Or would you rather spend it exploring one of the hundreds of gorgeous hiking trails in the mountains of Washington State? Finding the right location to settle down for your studies can be one of the most exciting parts of your journey. With the United States being so diverse in geography and culture, choosing where to live can make your experience that much more enjoyable.

Beyond the geography itself, different cities would be able to offer you unique opportunities outside of the campus. Whether that be work during school or even internship programs, finding the right situation requires you to look at everything your destination could offer. As your advisors, we will help inform you of opportunities that may be available to you in different locations.

2. Degree Programs

Depending on the major you choose to pursue, different universities will be able to offer you unique combinations of material, attention, and opportunity. Additionally, the program you choose may differ financially from one university to the next. 

American education, although similar in some places, is more often than not unique to each university. Putting everything into perspective can be difficult, but having someone to break it down for you step by step will help make things more manageable. 

To take that commitment even further, Study in the USA has also partnered with Unibuddy, giving you the opportunity to connect with international students currently pursuing higher education all around the United States. 

Application Requirements to Study in USA

Any student with aspirations to study in the USA will need to obtain a student visa. As there are three primary types of visas; F1 Visa, J1 Visa, and M1 Visa, applying for the visa that aligns with your goals is an important decision.

Upon acceptance into a university, you will be required to provide documentation to complete your visa application. Many tasks will be competing for your attention at this time, and the deadlines that you will have to meet will require planning in advance. Additional documents you may be asked to provide would include a passport, photo, fee payments, and more. If you took any English Language Tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, etc., you might be asked to provide your results for those exams. If the deciding factor for your acceptance was your high school performance, your grades might be asked for as well.  

Weigh Your Financial Options

The source(s) of funding for your time in the United States will act as the backbone of your education. However, finding scholarships as an international student can be confusing. The requirements that must be met before getting a scholarship can make it difficult to find any that you qualify for, leaving you with limited options.

Study in the USA makes it easier for you to find financial assistance as many of the universities on our website offer unique financial opportunities. These include: 

1. Merit Scholarships 

Merit scholarships are administered based on your past achievements as a student. These achievements could include exceptional performance in school, being a sensational athlete, or even having success on tests such as the SAT or ACT. Our team at Study in the USA can review your academic and extracurricular history and offer suggestions on scholarships that may be available to you. 

Merit Scholarships can go a long way in helping you cover your expenses as a student. As scholarships and grants are gifted to you, you would not have to repay them the same as you would a loan.

2.Flexible Repayment Options

Study in the USA has partnered with well-known organizations to provide flexible student loan options for international students. Organizations such as Nomad Credit and MPOWER Financing have a rich history in helping students all over the world find loan options that fit their unique needs. Regardless of your degree, major, or the duration of your study, there is a plan for you. Through our partnerships with these organizations, we’ll help you find a loan plan that fits your timeline without all the hassle. 

Building a long-term financial plan and keeping track of your expenses can go a long way in not only paying for your expenses now but paying them off in the future. 


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